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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Throw Da Bums Out!"

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As we used to say at YANKEE STADIUM... Oh yeah the Republicans lost, but I'm really referring to today's story that BRITNEY SPEARS has finally rid herself of that albatross of a second husband; KEVIN FEDERLINE! How cool is it that "BRIT & WHIT" (WHITNEY HOUSTON) have realized that all their troubles stemmed from a "weight problem"? Specifically the 160 lb.sponges that were sharing their beds & spending their cash! I'd thought we'd lost these girls forever! Welcome Back Ladies!

"Cha-cha-changes" The pics above show TheGayGardener's latest "re-do"
A plain boring terrace (second pic) in a lovely condo in the chic section of Santa Monica called Ocean Park. A whole new "room" & a lifetime of memories for less than $1,000! Can you beat that??

COURTNEY LOVE admitted to JAY LENO tonight that she "blew" $20 MILLION DOLLARS! Not on drugs whcih Court says are "relatively cheap" but on the various assistants & hangers-on who deliberately defrauded her & she was too fuc*** up to notice or care!

The most chic accessory today was those cute little "I VOTED" stickers they give you after you vote at the polls!


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