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Friday, November 10, 2006

Sand Castles

sooo just like I told you weeks ago, trouble is brewing regarding the CRUISE/HOLMES Wedding taking place in Italy next weekend. Tom's desire to have a "combo-Catholic-Scientology" wedding is not going to be fufilled. They can still get married at the privately owned CASTELLO ODESCALCHI in BRACCIANO, ITALY but there will NOT be a Priest in sight. The Vatican does NOT approve of one twice-divorced Catholic(Tom) marrying another Catholic (Katie) who practice a "faith" with space aliens at its core! Yea, the Church is kind of funny that way! I bet there will be dozens of more fun stories coming out of merger very soon

I've always thought that I would use an hysterical number from VALLEY OF THE DOLLS as the opening of my T.V. Show (yes I am still pitching!) The song from what many consider to be the BEST WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME is called: "I'LL PLANT MY OWN TREE!"
With moving lyrics like:
"I'll plant my own tree & I'll make it grow
My tree will not be just one in a row
My tree will offer shade as strangers pass by
If you;re a stranger brother well so am I..."

Here's a clip of star SUSAN HAYWARD as "Helen Lawson" performing the number at her big opening night! But the best part is that JUDY GARLAND was originally supposed to play the role of Helen & did shoot some scenes but was later fired. This clip has Judy's voice with Susan singing. But be warned Susan's lip-synching does not match Judy's voice! Delicious!


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