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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For Your Consideration

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I just flew in from New York & boy! are my arms tired! (bada-bing!)
Seriously, I am too damn old to fly cross-country just for a weekend anymore
I could never be "bi-coastal" or any other "bi" for that matter!

I did manage to rouse myself last night though & attend the Los Angeles premiere of the new CHRISTOPHER GUEST film, "FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION" Hysterical! the troupe of comedic geniuses Mr Guest assembles is stunning: HARRY SCHERER, CATHERINE O'HARA, EUGENE LEVY, JENNIFER COOLIDGE, JANE LYNCH, FRED WILLARD, PARKER POSEY. A very funny turn by ED BEGLEY, JR. as a flamboyant makeup artist who is, of course, in Hollywood fashion; married! I think Catherine O'Hara should be "considered" for a real Oscar Nomination for her role as an aging actress desperate for a nomination. This wouldn't be totally unprecendented. MAGGIE SMITH won an Oscar for portraying an actress who loses an Oscar in the NEIL SIMON film, "CALIFORNIA SUITE" Spotted at the DIRECTOR's GUILD Premiere: WARREN BEATTY & ANNETTE BENNING, JAMIE LEIGH CURTIS (Mrs. Guest)& ALYSSA MILANO. Had a nice conversation with the billionaire philanthropist & film producer, STEVEN BING who's generosity had much to do with the Democrats terrific showing at the polls last week

I cannot wait to see the circus act that the upcoming Roman wedding of TOM & KATIE will certainly prove to be. THE NEW YORK TIMES had a piece on the "traditional wedding vows that are said at a Scientology Ceremony. Compare them to the vows said at a traditional Catholic wedding, which since both Bride & groom were Catholic, these nuptials would have been if the groom weren't insane:


"I, Thomas, take you, Katherine, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times & in bad, in sickness & in health, I will love & honor you all the days of my life.

"Take this ring, as a sign of my love & fidelity in the name of the Father, & the Son, & the Holy Spirit"


“Now, Tom, girls need clothes and food and tender happiness and frills, a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat. All caprice if you will, but still they need them.”

And Ms. Holmes could be told: “Hear well, sweet Katie, for promise binds. Young men are free and may forget. Remind him then that you may have necessities and follies, too.”

I suppose it's kind of poetic in a crasy-ass-alien kind of way!

This is the last week to buy bulbs & start forcing them if you want some stand out Holiday decor. "Paper Whites' or "narcissus" are so sparkly white & nothing screams "make the Yuletide gay" like the crimson trumpet of amaryllis (see above)


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