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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ROSIE, RIPA & "THE GAYKIN": A Fairy's Tale

Oh brother!! Have you seen this drama playing out between KELLY RIPA, CLAY AIKEN (or as KATHY GRIFFIN refers to him; “the Gaykin”) & ROSIE O’DONNELL????

Act I : Clay is substituting for Regis on Friday’s “LIVE” (was this GELMAN’s idea?) During an interview with EMMITT SMITH, Clay laughingly places his hand over Kelly’s mouth as if to silence her. Ripa does a slow burn & says: “Ohhhhhhh….that’s a No-No!” & then,“I don’t know where that hand has been, honey!” (See clip)

Act II: On Monday’s “LIVE” Kelly whines to Reeg that Clay was disrespectful, he would have never done this to a man, & just general disgust with Clay. Brags about all the supportive calls she got about the show including an hysterical one from HOWARD STERN & his girlfriend…I can just imagine! (See clip)

ACT III: On Tuesdays’THE VIEW, Rosie takes Ripa to task for what she felt was a “very homophobic” remark. Ripa then calls into The View & scolds Rosie saying her statements were “outrageous” and that Rosie “knows better” Ripa said her main concern was that Clay had shaken hands with many audience members & it’s “cold & flu” season. Then Ripa brags that she was “the only talk show host to NOT ask Clay about his sexuality!” Which Rosie refutes saying she NEVER asked him either.

Here’s what I think:

*I don’t watch “LIVE!” & Never will now!
*Kelly is a B-I-T-C-H!
*Not knowing “where that hand has been” is a statement with a “dirty” subtext…usually having a sexual connotation & this was Kelly’s intention
*Kelly was disrespectful to Clay with her bitter rant to Regis!
*If Kelly was truly concerned about “cold & flu season” she would have mentioned this when she was complaining to Regis
*If it had been George Clooney covering her mouth, she would have loved it!
*The “elephant in the living-room” is Clay’s “closet”. We actually DO know where his hand has been!
*Rosie was right!
*Can we get rid of that fat, Black, STAR JONES-want-2-be who kept interrupting ROSIE & agreeing with Kelly?
*REGIS Should never take another day off!
*Where is Kathy Griffin when you need her?

ROBERT ALTMAN died today at 81, lots of nice tributes but no real mention of my favorite Altman film, NASHVILLE. If you like Country music, or more importantly if you don’t, you just have to rent it!


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