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Thursday, November 08, 2007

DAY 4: Hollywood Held Hostage!

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As you know I live right by the gate to CBS Television City in Hollywood. Each morning, bright & early, I am now awoken by the loud cacophony of blaring horns showing support for the picketing members of the WGA. “Hey! Hey! WGA!Can’t you picket later in the day?” Just kidding! Good on you guys. Everyone I speak to thinks this will be a long, bloody drawn-out affair. I hope “everybody” is wrong!

I was not going to comment on this mainly because I adore GEORGE CLOONEY & thought he might possibly have been over-reacting. But now? Nothing doing! This from PAGE SIX:

On Friday, Clooney and gal pal Sarah Larsen were having dinner at L.A. eatery Madeo next to Fabio and a group of women. All was well until one of Fabio's pals started taking pictures of her friends. According to numerous eyewitnesses, Clooney, assuming the woman was taking snaps of him, asked her to stop - prompting Fabio to explain that the shots were of his group, not Clooney, and to tell the superstar, "Stop being a diva." Clooney started arguing back, and he and Fabio then got into a shoving match. "The waiters broke it up before it got out of hand," a witness told In Touch. Clooney then paid his check and left before finishing his meal.

O.K. Madeo is one of my favorite restaurants in L.A. It’s very “classy” So I can’t imagine what FABIO was doing there! But I thought it may have been that the lady was taking pictures of her friends & G.C. misunderstood. But then today TMZ released the above photo. And it’s very clear that the woman WAS taking photos of George! And who could blame her? If Fabio was my dinner partner & I noticed Clooney sitting close by across the room I’d be staring at George too & faster than you can say “I CAN”T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER, I’d be snapping his pic. Damn! Clooney looks hot even giving the finger!
Maybe hotter?! Besides those margarine commercials, why is Fabio famous again? Because he only has one name, like CHER?

Yikes! This from the L.A. Times today:

Authorities in Orange County are working to recover the remains of a 24-year-old Anaheim man who was killed Wednesday in a wood chipper accident in Tustin.

The tree service worker "was standing at the back end of the chipper, throwing branches into it with his co-workers nearby," said Sgt. Pat Welch of the Tustin Police Department.

"One of them looked over, and he was gone."

Just like that scene in one of my all time favorite films, FARGO. Which some studio executive likely told the Cohen Bros. to cut because it couldn’t happen in real life. Right.

So it’s Thursday night & I’m watching the “Very Special Edition” of C.S.I. which has the gimmick of featuring “Agent Sam Malone” from WITHOUT A TRACE Guest-starring. I do love ANTHONY LAPAGLIA But how come whenever networks pull these “Combined Show” Stunts the end result is always less than the sum of its parts!?
Bored! Bored! Bored! And it’s 2 hours long!

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