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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Things We Lost In The Fire"

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No, I didn’t see the new Halle Berry Picture which kinda tanked over the weekend. I saw the new JAKE GYLENNHALL: RENDITIONeeehh. Not so great. I’m actually not in a position to review it as I slept through half of it. Even MERYL STREEP seemed to sleep walking through her role. Wait till your next flight, I’d say.

But the fire in Southern California continues to burn & another person died today. The air is heavy with smoke & the heartbreaking thing is the sunsets are absolutely gorgeous. California is the most beautiful promised land when it’s not quaking or afire.

Sooo I went to a taping of the ELLEN SHOW Today. NO crying over dog drama, no talk of death threats, just pure ELLEN. It was really fun! By the time Ellen appears & starts to dance with her audience, the audience has been dancing for over a half hour so they’re more than ready for her arrival. And dance she does! In a joyful spirited way. She opened today’s show by calling it “The Grateful Show” Because we should all be grateful that we were able to be there, instead of somewhere else on the flames & smoke fighting for our homes. Degeneres Went on to interview the charming, ANTONY HOPKINS & one of the Pussycat Dolls (you can imagine MY interest)
After the show, Ellen genuinely & graciously thanked her audience for coming & acknowledged that they waited in line for hours, waited months for tickets, made other work & childcare arrangements etc. Very Classy that girl! And those women ADORE her!

Sadly, I did NOT make the top three Nominees for The BLOGGER'S CHOICE AWARDS & hence will not be going to LAS VEGAS for the awards. Thanks to all of you who did vote for me. And though my Mother, six siblings, six in-laws & 15 nieces & nephews, couldn’t be bothered voting for their son/brother/uncle & “that whole gay thing’ I am not bitter. I’m grateful for the votes I did get. And very grateful to NOT be PEREZ HILTON. Though he is the top nominee for Best Gossip Blog & likely will win; he was booed at THE BEST IN DRAG SHOW 2 weeks ago ( I heard it myself) AND he’s also the top nominee in THE MOST OBNOXIOUS BLOGGER category as well as WORST BLOG OF ALL TIME. Well, as long as they’re talking about you, right Perez?

As per my last post, The Human Rights Campaign has demanded that Senator BARACK OBAMA either cancel the South Carolina appearance or remove famed bigot & no-mo-homo, REV. DONNIE McCLURKIN from the bill…stayed tuned.

Here’s a fun trip down memory lane sent to me by my friend; LESLIE B. Funny how little the great beauties have changed over time. How many can you name?

Women In Film

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