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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"The Walker"

There is an interesting new film playing the festival circuit. Written by PAUL SCHRADER who did TAXI DRIVER & AMERICAN GIGOLO among many. It’s called The Walker. It stars WOODY HARRELSON, KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS, LILY TOMLIN & LAUREN BACALL. “Walker” is a term applied to the gentlemen who escort society ladies to balls, dinners, and parties. JEROME ZIPKIN was NANCY REAGAN's walker for awhile. The Walkers are usually gay though not always. The ladies are usually widows or women whose husbands can’t be bothered attending operas etc.
Woody plays “Carter Page III” Scott Thomas (with whom I am still in love since “The English Patient”) is a Washington D.C. lady who is in danger of being embroiled in a great scandal until “Car” comes to the rescue. This YouTube video shows the first ten minutes of the film.
I think it looks very intriguing & I’m fascinated by Woody! It is supposed to be relased theatrically in December. Check it out!

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