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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blind Spot

Did you watch DIRTY SEXY MONEY What did you think? I’m not sure. I’ll have to watch it again. I loved seeing the gorgeous PETER KRAUSE. He’s a really fine actor & very easy on the eyes. I also like watching “Karen Darling” NATALIE ZEA, beautiful & a mess! DONALD SUTHERLAND is always interesting & it’s nice to have JILL CLAYBURGH back, she was such an acting icon in the late 70’s/80’s (so my Mother tells me) Let’s see where this goes.

I adore TED CASABLANCA. He of E! and the late, lamented GOSSIP SHOW. Ted is always worth reading if just for his “blind items” which are true tales of Hollywood with the names disguised to protect the guilty. And oh what names Ted gives his characters. He’s been writing about a successful, handsome & CLOSETED movie star named TOOTHY TILE for so many years that people are getting angry with him for not revealing Toothy’s identity. This weeks’ blind item is very tantalizing. It doesn’t involve Toothy but the Hollywood Closet IS a “walk –in”!

Oh, it was such a gay party, and by that definition I don’t mean gay gay, just a good time. A typical Hollywood do, the festive bash was at a posh residence. Stars from both screens were mingling right next to the Diet Cokes, the boozy cocktails and the pigs in blankets. And in the middle of it all, nonfamous babes ‘n’ hons were oh so casually just la-dee-dah-ing it up, pretending like mad they weren’t desperate to be the human blanket around Dewbie Stammer’s very own little piggy.
Oh, that Dewb, such the charmer. Never a classically handsome dude, D has nevertheless—like many not exactly stunning guys, Owen Wilson, for ince—always managed to keep the gals fretting by his side. Alas, to no avail. No one woman has ever seemed quite fretlicous enough to warrant being by Dewbie’s side for very long, quel crap.
But that certainly didn’t keep the femmes from following Mr. S round the above party, as (pathetically) discreet as they thought they were being. So very ironically, it turned out to be a guy who made the following discovery:
A fellow guest got bored. After all, it was late, and a lot of the major players, not to mention the soiree’s staff, had gone home. Said guy went to the coat check room, which had been abandoned, and he headed back into the furthest interior space inside the long closet. He heard moans. And he heard slurps. And he realized Missy Coat Check might just still be around after all, getting a very nice tip from a fellow departing reveler.
But when the dude got to the back of the check area, looking up from his crouched position and staring back was a superflushed Dewbie Stammer, having just finished servicing a guy lying down on the floor. No wonder Dewbie never seems to meet the right girl!
(He’s always looking for the right trick in a box.)

Before you start harvesting the pumpkins & getting ready for Halloween go to your local nursery & check out the kale. I love this plant. You can eat it, use it as a shrub, or in centerpieces (that looks really pretty) Most of it is “ornamental” but ask your gardener about the edible varieties. And I can certainly tell its time for Halloween as on September 26 I saw Christmas trees being put on display at KMART

Have a great weekend!


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