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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

“Habitual, Frequent & Continuous”

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sweet baby Jesus! I think that BRITNEY SPEARS is attempting “suicide by paparazzi” Hours after a judge ordered BS to undergo random drug testing in her custody hearing with KFED, she’s dancing on tables at HYDE, a Hollywood night club. The judge in the case ordered the testing because there was evidence of “habitual, frequent & continuous use of controlled substances & alcohol. As I said when I saw her at KOI a few weeks ago, I honestly think Brit is suffering from mental illness & not drug abuse. She had two kids in quick succession at a young age; maybe its post-partum depression…has anyone called TOM CRUISE?? Seriously though it isn’t titillating, it’s just downright sad. I don’t want to watch it any more. And I especially do not want to watch that Viral YOUTUBE Video, “Leave Britney Alone” Have you seen this character, CHRIS CROCKER? His (?) Brit Defense has been downloaded over 1.6 million times. I am not providing a link here….eeew. The beauty part is that after striving for years to be a celebrity (he has pitched programs to the gay themed network, LOGO, before) he now is.
Crocker is in negotiations for his own show. In the interest of full disclosure I should say that I have pitched LOGO on more than one occasion myself, so perhaps I’m just bitter. I think it’s just that Chris has better highlights & eyeliner!

If you were writing a piece of fiction that remotely resembled the life of O.J.Simpson, people would laugh you out of the room because it is simply too implausible. And ACT II is just getting started. Simpson did manage to post his ridiculously low bail & leave Las Vegas. One of the victims of the hold-up was arrested today on a parole violation, while another victim is still in the hospital recovering from a massive heart attack! You could NOT make this stuff up. Did you see former prosecutor, MARCIA CLARK covering today’s hearing for Entertainment Tonight? She’s all sleekly blonde now…I miss the Jheri-curl of yester-year!

Aren’t those purple lantanas lovely? I was reminded of how terrific they are when I visited Italy last month, where they are abundant. They grow almost as well here in California. They are very hearty, bloom year round, can tolerate heat & even neglect. Hmmm… that sounds like the perfect description of a romantic partner too!

I have this policy of bringing wine or candles as a hostess gift & never flowers, but I am beginning to re-think that. In olden days a guest would send flowers as a thank you the morning after the event. But now who even remembers? One reason to not bring flowers was the assumption that the hostess would then feel the need to display them & who needs that pressure? But the truth is she/he can just shove them in some water & put them away to be arranged the next day. Which is exactly what I did with these beautiful Stargazers my friend, the famous makeup artist, gave me at my cocktail party on Saturday night. And they have brought me joy every day since.


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