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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Angels & Demons

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Whew! What a weekend!

On Saturday night I went to The Angel Awards. This is usually one of the most fun parties of the year. There was one year where a lesbian paid $100,000 to kiss Sharon Stone. A fundraiser for Project Angel Food honoring various “angels” to the organization, this year’s celebrity honorees were Shirley MacLaine & Elizabeth Taylor. Sadly Liz was too ill to attend, but Shirley was in fine form, bossy & charming. The evening raised over $500,000 for PA which delivers hot, healthy, meals to people living with HIV/AIDS & other debilitating illnesses

Afterwards my date, Jennifer Coolidge & I went to KOI with some of her friends including the actress, Kim Delaney. Beautiful & sweet & having a wonderful time on the new LIFETIME series, Army Wives which is a big hit for the network. As usual, the front of Koi is packed with paparazzi who did take a few shots of Jen. A few minutes after we’re seated, I see a young guy standing in a back doorway gesturing excitedly to a waiter. The next thing I know this same guy comes walking past our table with another guy AND….BRITNEY SPEARS!! “Walking” is not the exact word. She was moving as if one of her legs had “fallen asleep” or something. And that long awful straw wig which appears to be sewn directly into that baseball cap! And smudgy eye makeup. The trio dined without incident though they must have been hydrating quite a bit, because there were multiple trips to the lavatory. The kids were no where in site. And I ask you, where else to go when you’re having a public nervous breakdown brought on by the stress of your celebrity life but KOI??!!! On a Saturday Night!!??? I read in The New York Post this morning that Brit & friends had actually been on their way to Las Vegas when they were pulled over by the cops. No breathalyzers or vehicle searches but Spears did receive a little talking to by the cop
Speed Demon SpearsNew York Post

At which point Britney must have been hankering for some crispy tuna & black cod & steered the Mercedes toward La Cienega. I still don’t think the photographers out front had any idea that she was in the place!

Nor did I have any idea that this would end up on Perez Hilton!

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There are 2 tragedies at play here! One is that Jen, honestly, never looked better! She’s in great shape & looked stunning in this Alexander McQueen silvery dress with D&G silver sandals & flawless hair & makeup. But these damn photographers squat in front of you & take an “up” photo so that no one ever looks good!

But the real tragedy for me was in reading the comments section on Perez. Someone actually asked if the guy (me) was that guy from Brothers & Sisters/Alias…RON RIFKIN??? Now, Mr. Rifkin (pictured above) is an obscenely talented actor, but for the love of God….He’s nearly completely bald & he’s easily pushing 70!!!!!! I thought I looked kind of decent actually til I read this mood-killer! Also I am in awe of Perez too! So many people wrote to me who saw this on his site. He has a HUGE base of really diverse people who are devoted to the site. Good for him! And I almost mean that!

Perez Hiltoncomments


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