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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is It Friday yet?

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Holy Mercury! It was 90 degrees in Los Angeles today. I tried working in my own garden for a change but gave up after about 20 minutes it was too damn hot. And The Gas Co. is tearing up Genesee Ave & have been for the past 2 months. Can anyone answer this question? Do you know that hideously annoying “beep, beep, beep, beep” sound that acts as some sort of warning when a truck is backing up?
Is that REALLY necessary? Do those vehicles not come with rear-view mirrors? Are thousands of lives saved every year because of this alarm? Or are more lives lost because the unrelenting sound drives people to suicide? And what did we do for centuries before some genius invented this system? Anybody?

Somethings going on at Graceland. I think it’s the anniversary of ELVIS’ death. As usual hordes of people come to view the eternal flame at the gravesite. One person in the crowd even had a heart attack & died himself. Imagine? Whenever I think of Elvis (which is NOT that often) I recall a story a friend of mine told me. He was working for a talent manager who handled Priscilla Presley post-Elvis.
She was actually working a lot in films & TV basically because she was Gorgeous, not due to any acting gifts. One weekend word got around L.A. that Elvis & Priscilla’s daughter, LISA MARIE PRESLEY, had married MICHAEL JACKSON. Monday morning the Management company had a staff meeting in which the President said: “I have 2 announcements. The first is that I can confirm that Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson on Saturday.” “The second is that the Doctors feel that Priscilla can be released from the straight-jacket by Thursday.”

Happy Birthday MADONNA who turns 49 today. Way to go Madge, you look terrific! Just one thing. You’re still a fabulous entertainer.
So I wish you’d just stop drinking Kabalah Water, writing children’s books, & pretending to be British (accent & all) In other words, Shut up & SING Damn it!

The Chinese are an interesting people aren’t they? I mean I know they’re the future and all, but when they’re not poisoning the children of the world with lead painted toys, they’re making toothpaste with ANTI-FREEZE. And just today I read that a nice young Chinese couple tried to name their new born baby, get ready… “@” Yep, the at symbol! Apparently in Chinese it means “love him” God Help us!


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