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Friday, July 06, 2007

No Habla Espanol!

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WHEW! Its hot in LOS ANGELES But not as hot for TheGayGardener as it is for our town's Mayor, ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA (which translated from the Spanish means:Can't keep it in his pants!)Our mayor,Tony; makes BILL CLINTON look like BILLY GRAHAM.

Married for more than 20 years to a seemingly nice woman named Corina, Tony is up to his old tricks...literally. Make that not quite 20 years married because you'd have to deduct the time they were seperated after the last time Tony cheated in 1994.
Add to this the fact that Mr.Mayor has not one, but TWO Children from TWO different women that he never bothered to marry and you have a family values nightmare!

But what We ANGELENOS so love about this whole story, is that the object of the Mayor's affections this time, is an on-air anchor for TELEMUNDO named, MIRTHALA SALINAS. No she's not the weather girl, but she is HOT! And has allegedly been ivolved with The Mayor's best friend, as well as every high-ranking Los Angeles Hispanic politico. And despite TELEMUNDO'S initial defense of her actions, Ms. Salinas was placed "on leave" today, pending further investigation. Though she initally removed herself from politcal coverage after she began her affair with the Mayor ( by some reports about 2 days after he was inaugurated!) It was Ms. SALINAS who reported to the TELEMUNDO audience that The VILLARAIGOSAS were seperated & divorcing! I think that this is akin to CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES reporting the latest tragic updates from the marriage of CHARLES & DIANA!!!!!! And I think this is a no-brainer: MS.SALINAS's ass should be fired forthwith!!! In an age when RUDY GIULIANI is on his 3rd wife & NEWT GINGRICH serves his wife divorce papers from her Cancer Hospital bed,I don't think that this bars Tony from further higher office, but I do think, in the words of RICKY RICARDO, he has some "splaining to do!"

Speaking of the debate on English as the national language (have you ever known a better segue-ER than me?) Please read PEGGY NOONAN's Friday column. I seriously think that Ms. Noonan should be in charge of the Federal Departemnt of Immigration.
or some branch of the I.N.S. She is Pro-immigrant & Pro-America & speaks in the language of the poet
PEGGY NOONANOpinion Journal


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