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Friday, June 08, 2007

Apocalypse Now

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What I so love about all this is the following:

A pretty, (pretty! Not beautiful!!) California blonde, of doubtful intellectual capability & NO discernable talents, except that of self-promotion (I mean even Madonna can sing if properly engineered in studio) can capture world-wide attention due to a traffic misdemeanor! As Paris was taken to court this morning in a Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department patrol car, allegedly in tears (I Believe it!){Photo from TMZ} I thought…

Dry your eyes little Paris! You, who have extended your Warholian 15 famous minutes beyond what anyone would have guessed possible, have entered the stratosphere! You are now, officially, a LEGEND!! I doubt there will be mentions of you in any serious history books, but when the accounts of this Post 9/11, Iraqi quagmire culture are written; there will HAVE to be some mention of you! Instead of First Lady, maybe you are our FIRST DISTRACTION. As our obsession with sports, particularly baseball, has waned for various reasons, you, in a strange way, have filled that breech! You are now AMERICA’s REAL NATIONAL PASTTIME! Like a nation of “looky-loos” at a horrific auto accident, we WANT to look away, to deny the reality, but we cannot help ourselves!!

The good thing, I think, is that there seems to be some promise of redemption in you! So many of your “peers” have fallen into drug-induced pits of pity & self-sabotage. Those anorexic, boozey, coke- whores, who pass out in public & shave their heads; they who are the real train wrecks of this culture. Maybe the difference is talent. It really is a curse.

There appears about you, an air of positive self-esteem & I don’t know…inevitability. That no matter what…”WE’ll ALWAYS Have Paris!!”

I hope that’s true! And I hope that after this you will learn to use your “gifts”, such as they are, for “good & NOT Evil!”

Blow your nose; attend to that “rash” & serve the whole 40-whatever days are left to your sentence. Trust me.

More Fan Appreciation:
I still do admire WALL STREET JOURNAL columnist, PEGGY NOONAN. I have agreed with very few of her pieces in recent years (with the notable exception of our shared deep appreciation for the Giant that was John Paul II)
Like many, I first heard of Noonan when she wrote the famous Reagan Challenger Speech (they “have slipped the surly bonds of Earth, to touch the Face of God”) & found her book: “What I Saw At The Revolution” fascinating!
Nothing can take away Ms. Noonan’s poetic gifts & her keen ability to craft a well written sentence. I think her recent appreciation of THE SOPRANOS is no exception:

Tony became a new and instantly recognizable icon, and his character adds to American myth, to America's understanding of itself. It's a big thing to create such a character, and not only one but a whole family of them--Uncle Junior, Christopher, Carmella. This is David Chase's great achievement, to have created characters that are instantly recognizable, utterly original, and that add to America's understanding of itself. And to have created, too, some of the most horrifying moments in all of television history, and one that I think is a contender for Most Horrifying Moment Ever. That would be Adriana desperately crawling--crawling!--through the leaves in the woods as she tries to flee her lovable old friend Silvio, who is about to brutally put her down

Read the whole piece:

Peggy Noonan & Tony Soprano

The Sporanos ends Sunday! Paris is Back in Jail! The Homophobic Chairman of The Joint Chiefs is fired! Isaiah Washington is Fired! And Bush May Be Drinking Again!!
(Hell! I Don’t blame him!) Could this be the END OF THE WORLD!??


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