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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day of the Locusts

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Not since TAYLOR & BURTON descended on Rome has there been a more glamorous arrival, no, make that coronation, of a celebrity couple as there was in Cannes last evening. Have you seen the footage of BRAD & ANGELINA arriving at the film festival premiere of their film, “A Mighty Heart”? Good God! Can two humans be this gorgeous? And B.P. in a tux with his hair slicked back…Sweet Jesus!
The film, based on the story of murdered journalist, Daniel Pearl, is being very well received & Angie is garnering great reviews. Even if JENNIFER ANISTON eventually wins a Best Actress Oscar, it would be small consolation for scenes such as this.

Speaking of scenes, Sunday night’s THE TUDORS had many of them. Any any one that includes MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY as “Queen Katherine” is a lesson in acting for the small screen.
I will miss GABRIELLE ANWAR as Margaret Tudor. But perhaps her death will see her grieving husband Charles Brandon, HENRY CAVILL trying to console himself with more women (and less clothing!) What I would like less of however; are all the TWIN PEAKS, dead-girl-ghost, arty, aspects that keep popping up. The story & the history are interesting & dramatic enough with dream sequences. We’re one episode away from the season finale but thankfully SHOWTIME had the “grace” to renew the series.

Congratulations to APOLLO ONO for winning the “Dancing With The Stars” finale. I sort of gave up watching after they “kickedHEATHER MILLS MCCARTNEY off, but the Olympic Champion is a deserving winner. And runner up JOEY FATONE already won..he danced off like 40 pounds during the competition. Another advantage of living so close to CBS is that I knew late this afternoon that Apollo won just by asking audience members as they were leaving the taping. Not early enough to place any bets though, damn it!

Sorry I’ve been a bit inconsistent the past few days but I’ve been “busier than a lesbian in a hardware store!” (I know…I know…but I do LOVE that line, thank you, GEORGE CARLIN)
Just put in a lovely flower bed in a fabulous house in West L.A. And yes, I worked in my new fave, kangaroo paws…in pink & yellow.

Did you hear about the 4 women in a small New Hampshire town who were fired form their jobs for “gossiping”? The ladies were at lunch discussing a possible relationship between their city administrator boss & “another party”. Someone overheard & reported them & out they went! I always thought office gossip was a perk! Maybe its better that I work alone.

Get well wishes to AMERICAN IDOL’s PAULA ABDUL who trip over her little dog & broke her nose! I feel your pain Paula! I’ve tripped over my dog in a hopeless effort to not spill my drink as well! Be brave doll! This won’t be your first rhinoplasty, will it?

Abdul’s doctors advised her to wait at least 6 weeks before having sex with a contestant!” -DAVID LETTERMAN


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