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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes! Prime Minister!

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O.k. did you watch Sunday’s episode of THE TUDORS? It’s getting really good! (and SHOWTIME just picked up another season!)
I think JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS gets better every episode (but still dips back into his Irish brogue when he’s excited.)SAM NEILL is delicious to watch as CARDINAL WOLSEY; even more so now that his influence is waning & he’s resorting to tears one minute & throwing punches the next or, when all else fails, he drops to his knees & begs! But MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY continues to be a revelation as Queen Catherine of Aragon. Perhaps because she underplays every scene, while her castmates are tearing at the tapestries. And her costumes! My God! They grow more glorious with each episode even if the color palette grows darker. There will be multiple EMMY Noms for the costume department.

One confusing thing though is the role of HENRY XVIII’s sister MARGARET TUDOR played by the stunning GABRIELLE ANWAR whom you will remember opposite AL PACINO in SCENT OF A WOMAN. Her name is Margaret, but the role she is playing seems to be more that of MARY TUDOR Henry’s youngest sister, Who indeed was briefly married to an older monarch but that was the King of France, not Portugal, and it was Mary not Margaret who married Henry’s friend Charles Brandon, played by my boyfriend, HENRY CAVILL. The SHOWTIME website does not address this. And Gabby honey, time to go back for more collagen in the lips or perhaps another makeup artist I actually saw lumps in your upper lip last night!

A belated Happy Mother’s day to all you Mothers out there. My own mother, MRS. TRAINER (as her closet friends call her) likes to celebrate the day by sending little love notes to her children listing all their failures of the previous year. She’s very sentimental that way. She went on her first cruise this past weekend to Alaska. You may have read of a cruise ship running aground & taking on water & requiring evacuation in Juneau….yep! that was Mommy’s ship! The Unsinkable Molly Brown had nothing on her!

My new favorite plant obsession is the Australian KANGAROO PAWIt has sort of green palm frond leaves at its base & grows colorful, tall, furry “flowers”, that best of all, can be cut for gorgeous, long-lasting arrangements. Luv all things AUSSIE!! And please God! Let their drought end soon!!

TMZ has an open letter from CANDY SPELLING to PARIS HILTON with some heart-felt advice for Paris now that she is a convict! When one is estranged from one’s own daughter, one has much more time to give advice to someone else’s daughter! I’m quite sure KATHY HILTON is grateful to Candy for chiming in!

Congratulations to my favorite gossip columnist, TED CASABLANCA from E! on his engagagement to JON POWELL! Best Wishes Boys!! Where are you registered??


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