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Thursday, May 03, 2007

On The Wagon

The happiest guy in Hollywood has got to be ALEC BALDWIN now that the DAVID HASSELHOFF video has been revealed. Have you seen this? At first I thought it was funny, but listening to his little girl’s voice warning him of the consequences of his drunkenness was so “Christina Crawford” yikes! Check it out:

This weekend is some kind of triffecta! Saturday, May 5th is THE KENTUCKY DERBY, CINCO de MAYO, & THE DELAHOYA vs. MAYWEATHER FIGHT. If this isn’t a sign of the coming Appocolypse, I don’t know what is! CdM is HUGE in Los Angeles ( I smell Margheritas!) And The Queen herself (Elizabeth II, not HELEN MIRREN will be in attendance at CHURCHILL DOWNS. I like STREET SENSE to win because I like a horse to have two names and be alliteral when I’m betting. As for that fight…yuck! I never understood Boxing as a sport though I totally get the shiny satin shorts & matching robes!

Have a great weekend!


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