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Monday, April 23, 2007

Hollywood Histrionics

If you know TheGayGardener (& you do!) you know I lovvvee Alliteration! So I was very pleased to hear the above phrase from the WHITE HOUSE this morning. The President’s flack was responding to the brou-ha-ha resulting form the confrontation between SHERYL CROWE, LAURIE DAVID & KARL ROVE (journalists the world over are positively gleeful to be able to link those three names in the same sentence!) Seems “The Global Warming Girls” tried to start a dialogue with “The Man Behind The Curtain” in The Bush White House & Miss Rove immediately got her panties all in a bunch! The would-be Mrs. Lance Armstrong got off the best line when she reminded Herr Rove that “YOU WORK FOR US!” Having tried that line myself previously with public servants I can tell you the results are usually less than one would like!

Screw The Sopranos! I didn’t even watch on Sunday night! It’s just so hard to remain loyal to people who treat me like last night’s hooker & only call when it’s 2:00 in the morning & they NEED me! I know it’s the final season, but I’ve lived without them for so long, I’m used to it! What I did watch was (of course) THE TUDORS on SHOWTIME! My Lord! (and Ladies!) I LOVE this show. And the Bonus was SHOWTIME on DEMAND lets you see next week’s episode one week early, so I had two solid hours of JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS all to myself .This show is MELROSE PLACE for the BUSTIER SET
I am sure the casting director must be G.A.Y. because he/they have assembled the HOTTEST men in prime time possibly ever! And a big GAYGARDENER shout out (again) to HENRY CAVILL who really should call me because I’m sure he will be moving to Los Angeles soon to start his film career & will need help with his landscaping/manscaping or any thing else His Lordship desires (see I’m talking like these people already) ‘

I hear that DONALD TRUMP has picked his new APPRENTICE. Does anyone even care? The latest show even took place in Los Angeles & I assure you NO ONE spoke of it & The whole idea was greeted with one big YAWN… despite what The Donald May say!


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Paul Levinson said...

Agree completely about The Tudors - though the Sopranos are fine too (I guess I'm biased, because I review them both...)


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