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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A national figure makes a public, prejudiced, hate-filled statement. There is huge media uproar. Many demand the hater be fired or pay some extreme penalty. Sound familiar? Yep! But ever since good ol’ MEL GIBSON started this “summer of temporary insanity” with his Anti-Semitic rant in Malibu, the rapid (some might say “rabid”!) response has been universal condemnation & demands for re-dress.
In Mel’s case Super-Agent, ARI GOLD called for an industry boycott of the actor/director. BARBARA WALTERS herself said that she “was through with Mel”. In the defiantly unfunny MICHAEL “Kramer” RICHARDS case, the “victims” even hired famous attorney GLORIA ALLRED to represent them.

The single exception in these cases has been ISAIAH WASHINGTON star of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” After reportedly calling his co-star T.R. KNIGHT a faggot in on on-set brawl, the actor repeated the slur in front of a world wide audience at The Golden Globes. Was Mr. Washington fired? No. Did advertisers pull out of sponsoring the hit medical drama? Nope. And to add insult to injury, Washington was nominated for and WON (!!!) an N.A.A.C.P. “IMAGE AWARD”

What DOM IMUS said was horrible, hateful, & indefensible. And the female basketball players he so insulted, have behaved with great grace. But what this teaches us is that homophobia is the last safe form of bigotry. Sort of a “wink-wink, nudge-nudge, gentleman’s agreement” that says “o.k. I can handle the Jews & the blacks, but God save us all from the fags!” {Except for my hairdresser, caterer, decorator & gardener err..Landscape designer!} This belies the seriousness of the fact that simply being gay can still get you killed in many states in the union and the world over. In Jamaica they’ll stone you but in Iran they’ll hang you if you’re found out to be homosexual!

And I ask you, would DON IMUS who is what 82, 83? EVEN KNOW THAT “ho” is an abbreviated form of whore, if all the hip hop recording artists had not been singing this song for the past 20 years?

My favorite moment in this latest drama was yesterday on the TODAY show when (ballsy) MEREDITH VIEIRA asked the Rev. JESSE JACKSON, in all his high-dudgeon, if the same standard should have been applied to him when he made his infamous remark that New York City was “hymie town” Rev.Jackson couldn’t even “rhyme” an answer, but dissembled into a diatribe about UCLA not enrolling enough minorities!

I simply cannot believe that HOWARD K. STERN may have LIED about being little Dannielynn’s Daddy! Did ANNA NICOLE mislead him? He said on the record on LARRY KING LIVE! That he was the father and he has maintained his paternity this whole time. And now that silly D.N.A. shows LARRY BIRKHEAD is the real father of Anna’s baby. I’m sure that a straight, sober, serious, attorney-at-law like H.K.S. would never knowingly speak an untruth. Maybe Anna got a bit confused on the dates?! I only know I am thankful that “Zsa-Zsa’s fake-prince husband” can crawl back under that rock he emerged from when he saw a chance at some publicity! Good Luck & God Bless you Larry B.!

“When Hemmingway committed suicide he put a period on his life. Old Age is more of a semi-colon!” KURT VONNEGUT who died today at 84. R.I.P.


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