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Thursday, March 01, 2007


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Have you all heard of the new “rage” “THE SECRET”? It’s a book & dvd that have been profiled on OPRAH, The TODAY SHOW & CNN & is selling like hot cakes! THE SECRET will teach you how to get everything you want out of life: money, success, love, happiness… it will allegedly cure you from cancer & bring you eternal youth! And you want to know what the Secret is?? Ta-Da: Think Good Thoughts!
Just imagine the you that you want to be & viola, you ARE! HELLLOOOOO? Go to the website & check it out

The Secret

Here you will learn of all the famous(??) folks who knew the secret benefited from the knowledge:

Included are; 'Miracle Man' Morris Goodman, who tells his awe inspiring story of how he recovered from paralysis by using The Secret. Dr. Denis Waitley, who used various aspects of The Secret in training Olympic athletes and Apollo astronauts to reach new heights of human endeavour. Best selling authors and philosophers including Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, James Ray and Joe Vitale, explain how they have created lives of phenomenal success utilising The Secret. Doctors in the fields of medicine and quantum physics explain the science behind The Secret.

As my friend JULIE HALSTON says: “Of course THE SECRET” is a huge bestseller! It’s PILOT SEASON in LOS ANGELES and everyone’s Desperate!”

HAPPY 75th Birthday to ELIZABETH TAYLOR! Who celebrated with a shin-dig in Las Vegas. Liz’s bash included guests, KATHY IRELAND, DEBBIE REYNOLDS, CARRIE FISHER, & SIEGFRIED & ROY (that was fun to type!) God Bless you Liz!

Have you seen this video of RUDY GIULIANI in DRAG?? Methinks the “lady” is enjoying this a little too much! A “tranny” in the White House?? Too fabulous! The only real “drag” is Rudy’s co-star in the video, DONALD TRUMP.

Is JAMES CAMERON really this bored or broke (???) that he’s hawking this “Jesus’-Bones-In-A-Box” crapola??


“So TITANIC Director JAMES CAMERON claims he has found the bones of Jesus Christ! I really hope this doesn’t lead to a court battle in Florida!”

“I can’t believe they found JESUS before BIN LADEN!”

Frequent Joke seen on the internet:

“Cancel Easter…they found the body!”


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Taylors turns 75, she look awsome. And Kathy Ireland shes great two women I truely admire.


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