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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy "Valoween"

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That’s how my friend describes today… she’s a bit cynical.

What’s not cynical but strangely moving, are the pictures coming out of an archeological “dig” outside of Rome. The images (Courtesy of AP) show two skeletons still locked in an eternal embrace. Manner of death and sex (would be so cool if it was a same sex coupling!) of the remains are still unknown but what is so intriguing is that the bones were found in Mantua, Italy, a romantic city just 25 miles South of Verona where Shakespeare set his tragedy; “ROMEO & JULIET” Could these bones be what remains of the most famous “star-crossed” lovers in history? Stay tuned!

Speaking of lovers one of my all time favorites, LARRY KRAMER famous playwright, author (“FAGGOTS”) and first AIDS Activist is pissed at what he deems is the homophobia of U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT Apparently in a recent piece the magazine ran on the historic Jamestown settlement they forgot to mention just how very gay the beginnings of our country were! All those John Smiths & Miles Standishes decked out in simple, severe, & elegant Black & White and no one has mentioned the “queerness” of it all! Larry writes:

Year after year in the wilderness made lives for hundreds and then thousands almost too harsh to bear without affection. My own research is turning up not only widespread coupling of men with each other, indeed even with personal commitment ceremonies, but actual families being formed as two men bought infants from the Indians to raise as their own.

Adopted Indian babies??? These “pilgrims” were the MADONNAS/BRANGELINAS of
Their time

I love Larry Kramer! When I first met him 100 years ago in New York, he said to my then famous partner: “THIS is your boyfriend and STILL you’re moving to Los Angeles?” Big Kiss Larry!

I am strangely comforted by the fact that today’s proclaimed winner of THE WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW is an ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL like my beloved Sam (who’s been gone a month now! Though I keep expecting him to walk in any minute!) The gorgeous Champion FELICITY’S DIAMOND JIM also known as “JAMES” was a surprise winner over the previously mentioned BILL COSBY’s dog. A good Springer will always surprise you! I never “Showed” Sam as he was so gorgeous it would not have been fair to the other dogs! Plus he was “fixed” which is a “no-no” in the professional show categories.

“She’s unresponsive, she’s not breathing and she’s…uh…Anna Nicole Smith” - Seminole Florida Police Officer to 911 Paramedic Dispatcher


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous elo said...

love the blogs! but are any of them about gardening? hmmm...i was hoping for a tip about my cannabis plant. it's springtime isn't it?

anyhoo...i love you and you're the best gay gardener/salame salesman i know.


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