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Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Call Me Crazy"

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That’s the title of the autobiography written by actress, ANNE HECHE, after her famous melt-down & breakup with ELLEN DEGENERES. Her tales of having an alter-ego,named “Celestia” who was related to JESUS & was the one who “did the bad things” was fodder for late-night comedians for months. After discovering she wasn’t really a lesbian (& giving all the “no-mo-homo” religious groups ammunition in their argument that being gay “is a choice”) Our Little Annie settled down with a camera operator & had a baby. She also returned to television this year in a show called MEN IN TREES
{Northern Exposure-from the girls point of view} which apparently no one is really watching (least of all me) In order to gain some publicity for the show Anne has wrecked another home, by stealing her leading man, JAMES TUPPER, from his wife & family. Gosh, kids, I really hope it works out for you this time!

Speaking of home-wreckers…While driving to Santa Monica this morning I noticed a very attractive couple driving behind me in their oh-so-trendy & p.c. “Toyota Prius” They followed me all the way down Pico. And I kept looking & thinking: Wow! They’re so cute! And they seem so happy together!..she beaming, as he reached over to touch her face! Guess who?? The pregnant JULIA ROBERTS & her husband, Danny Moder. They turned off after a while so I can’t tell you where they were going, perhaps the O.B.’s office for an ultrasound?

Please do forward all your prayers & notes of encouragement to Grey’s Anatomy’s ISAIAH WASHINGTON who has checked into rehab at the suggestion of ABC. This p.r. stunt is as believable as LINDSAY IN WONDERLAND

Here’s the contact info:

Mr. Isaiah Washington
c/o The George C. Wallace Center for Recovering Bigots
1000 Damage Control Way
Strom Thurmond, CA 90041

God Bless, Isaiah! One day at a time!

Damn! I thought gay break-ups were rough! The AP has a story from Brusells, Belgium, that will curl your hair. Seems one young sky-diver was annoyed that her fellow diver boyfriend had an affair with yet another pretty diver. What’s a girl to do? Yep! Rip the rip-cord honey! She sabotaged her rival’s parachute which never opened! The poor victim was also apparently filming her (final) fall, and the tape is being used as evidence in the murder trial. If you wrote this in a script some “suit” would say, “it could never happen!” Here’s the link:

Skydiver Murdered


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