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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Penance For Sin!

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ISAIAH vs. The Gays, ROSIE O’DONNELL vs. DONALD TRUMP,CRISTIE BRINKLEY vs. PETER COOK, her lying, cheating, whore of a husband….NONE of these scandals has amused me as much as the JOAN COLLINS vs. CHARLOTTE RAE Scandal!! WHAT?? You ask. WHO???? Joan Collins of DYNASTY Icon Fame is Touring in the play LEGENDS opposite her Dynasty co-star, LYNDA EVANS (of YANNI & Bad-facelift-fame!) Well…on the red-carpet on Opening Night Miss Charlotte Rae of THE FACTS OF LIFE (Note to those under 50: TFOL was a NBC sit-com in the 80’s) took the opportunity to totally dis Miss Collins! Calling her a bitch & expressing surprise that anyone would work with her or come out to see her! You HAVE to watch this YOUTUBE clip from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT’s THE INSIDER to see Miss Rae’s full diatribe & Miss Collins’s reaction! Worth it just to hear Joan call Charlotte a cow! Miss Rae has always been a bit delusional! At the height of her fame(??) she told my beloved acting teacher, CHARLES NELSON REILLY, that she “lived in constant fear of kidnappers!” BTW, I hear LEGENDS is definitely worth a look-see!

Which celebrity marriage is not quite the “garden of Eden” it seems?
Due to the fact that famous hubby cannot quite keep “it” in his pants” despite the baby & the whole happy family deal? So sad, especially because, “not anonymous” but actually famous wife has a picture opening this month??

OSCAR!! EVERYBODY LOVES YA OSCAR!! Today The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced the nominations for the Academy Awards & I cannot disagree too much with the results DREAMGIRLS led the pack with 8 nominations but alas, NO Best Picture nod! Which I cannot object to! It is a wonderful film but NOT QUITE CHICAGO! However I think the director BILL CONDON SHOULD have been nominated simply because all those wonderful & amazing performances which were recognized HAD to have been ingeniously directed especially since none of the nominees have really ever acted before! As for the other categories, I just think it was fill-in-the-blank after the names of HELEN MIRREN & FOREST WHITAKER these are 2 unforgettable & unmatchable performances!
Although…the DON AMECHE Rule would indicate that Sir PETER O’TOOLE might be a very sentimental favorite for his turn in VENUS! If he does not win, he would enter history as the MOST Nominated Actor with NO WINS!!
So for TheGayGardener it’s HELEN, FOREST, JENNIFER, EDDIE all the way! Gentlemen: PLACE YOUR BETS!

Speaking of THE COLLINS GIRLS: Joan’s sister, celebrated author, JACKIE COLLINS, is nothing if not thoughtful! Realizing that SUZANNE SUMMERS lost everything in the Malibu fire; including her jewelry…JACKIE sent Suzanne a very lovely necklace! Knowing Jackie’s taste in jewels it was likely a huge, gem-studded, cross!
Jackie herself, is a very popular girl-about-town! And quite clever too! She has sooo many friends that she once dedicated one of her best-selling novels:”To My Best Friend-And You Know Who You Are!” And literally dozens of people vied for that dedication!!


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