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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rainy Days & Mondays

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I haven’t cried over a horse since the 1st time I saw ELIZABETH TAYLOR in NATIONAL VELVET, but poor BARBARO really got me.
I truly thought he would make it. The Kentucky Derby Winner seemed to have survived so much & defied the odds, but a sudden complication resulted in his being “euthanized” (God! I hate that word) on Monday. His weeping owner said at a press conference that “grief is certainly the price we pay for love!”

My deepest sympathies to ANGELINA JOLIE & her brother JAMES HAVEN, on the loss of their beloved mother, MARCHELINE BERTRAND, who died this past weekend. I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful woman in my earlier incarnation as director of VALERIE BEVERLY HILLS
Anyone who ever wondered where the incomparable Angelina got her looks only had to gaze into the eyes of her lovely mother. Donations in Marcheline’s name may be made to the Women's Cancer Center of Cedars Sinai

Congratulations to LANCE BASS on his recent weight loss! After 8 turbulent months, Lance has shed the 180 lb albatross that is reality TV Star(?) REICHEN (real name RICHARD) LEHMKUHL Trust me Lance, “the first cut is the deepest” A sweet guy like you deserves better.

Rumors are flying over “the internets” that GREY’S ANATOMY star T.R. KNIGHT is so “disgusted” over ABC’s handling of “IsaiahGate” that he may be leaving the show. His “people” deny this & I certainly hope that it is not true.


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