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Friday, January 26, 2007

And The Winner...By A Nose...

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TMZ is reporting that JENNIFER ANNISTON is very upset with a certain Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon for intimating to the press that Jen had a nose job! And while the Doctor has not taken credit himself, I’m here to tell you that, if you need a nose job, this is the guy to see! I have personally seen some of his work & he is a true artist! Your friends won’t even notice! They’ll think you simply lost weight! So if you’re discouraged by your profile or suffering a deviated septum (that always sounds so dirty to me!) You should see DR.RAJ KANODIA Jen should be so lucky!

If you live in the west & haven’t pruned your Roses yet, Do it this weekend. And be merciless! Trim the branches just above any new bud leaves & thin out all over, particularly the center! Come Spring you will be rewarded with more & more lovely blossoms!

Ran into “Mrs. John Travolta”, KELLY PRESTON, at an Italian market in Santa Monica today. I immediately went out & bought a truckload of NEUTROGENA Products! Kelly looks so young & fresh & natural…if this is her secret, I want in!!

It’s been a long road from running The President’s Forum For Physical Fitness to the Statehouse in Sacramento & it’s been paved with too many rubber chicken dinners for our beloved GOVENATOR,
. Don’t worry about it Governor, I’d vote for you again Fat or thin!!

I’ll leave you this weekend with an amazing & heartbreaking story of a young athlete from California. This young Jock had Balls!! Bravo! Anthony!


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