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Saturday, February 10, 2007

From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

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As the tragic farce of Who’s The Baby’s Daddy plays out in Florida & The Bahamas, The Post Anna Nicole Saga appropriately starts to look like a cartoon. Now even the elderly “fake-prince husband” of ZSA-ZSA GABOR is weighing in with his claim of paternity. And The New York Daily News reported this weekend that ANNA NICOLE SMITH had some sperm frozen from her late billionaire husband J.HOWARD MARSHALL and little DannieLynn could be his baby! Ugh!
The best take on Anna Nicole & her meaning in our culture was written by CINTRA WILSON & can be found at Two money quotes:

"Nobody ever accused Ms. Smith of having any talent, and to my knowledge she never claimed to have any. She just acted like a star, and she was treated like a star -- and the fact that her death has everyone in the media (including yours truly) rushing to write something about her confirms that on some level, she won. She was a star."

Ms. Wilson Continues

What needs saying -- what it seems nobody has yet said -- is that when she was able to suppress her demons enough to pull herself together and look her best, she was fabulously gorgeous. Numerous red-carpet moments, the footage of which we now run over and over again like a televised rosary in order to understand her death, reveal this. Anna Nicole was a star because she possessed an unusually large amount of beauty. At her best, she didn't evoke Marilyn Monroe so much as Anita Ekberg in "La Dolce Vita" -- the strapless black dress, mounds of white flesh, piles of blond hair. She was indelicate, but an unstable element nonetheless -- not so much a candle in the wind as a bonfire in a hailstorm. But the real similarity between Anna Nicole and Marilyn was their shimmering tension -- an unsettlingly powerful physical beauty, collapsing irresistibly in real time beneath the frailties of its hostess. She was entropy porn at its finest.
Read Cintra's entire piece at SALON.COM


Another great quote I just heard on FOX NEWS form Anna's friend, designer BOBBY TRENDY:
"I think that HOWARD K. STERN is the DARTH VADER of the Bar Association"

And the band plays on…


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