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Monday, February 12, 2007


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Did you know that the Number 1 show dog in the country belongs to BILL COSBY? This adorable dog is a rare breed called a “Dandie Dinmont” described as something close to a dachshund crossed with a “pouffy big-headed poodle". Officially known as “Hobergays Fineus Fogg” but known to his friends as “Harry” he’s won 57 championships this year not to mention thousands of hearts!

Speaking of Dogs…RALPH FINNES scampy mid-flight behavior resulted in getting a flight attendant (I know its wrong but I still prefer stewardess…it was sexier!) suspended from duty. The British newspaper THE TELEGRAPH is reporting that the female flight attendant was suspended by QUANTAS after an “in-flight incident” in which THE ENGLISH PATIENT "star & stew” became “amorous” in a lavatory on a flight from Australia to India last month. Well, it is a long flight!
Here’s a great quote from QUANTAS:
“The flight attendant has been stood down following an in-flight incident

But the money quote is contained at the end of THE TELEGRAPH story:

“The flight attendant served in The New South Wales police force for 14 years before joining QUANTAS in September, 2004.” “She is a qualified scuba diver” I’m sure that little tid-bit is relevant somehow! Love those Brits!!

And a variation on this theme… The “fake-prince” husband of ZSA ZSA GABOR (You DO Know that His Royal Phoniness purchased his title from an impoverished dying noble woman?!) has officially filed a claim of paternity for the baby of ANNA NICOLE and if found to be the daddy, has vowed to fly to The Bahamas & return with little Dannielynn. Freddie admits that Zsa-Zsa ain’t too happy & vows that if he returns with a baby she’s filing for divorce! Hey she’s only 90!! And with her track record she could possibly wheel down the aisle one more time before… well… she’s wheeled down the aisle one last time!

"I thought The Grammys was a pretty dull thankfully PHIL SPECTOR came out & fired off a few warning shots to liven things up!" DAVID LETTERMAN


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