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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Objection Sustained!

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Abandon hope any of you who thought that maybe, just maybe, the whole “CIRQUE de ANNA NICOLE” (as DEFAMER calls it) would be brought to a swift & merciful end! Nothing screams this so much as the presence of JUDGE LARRY SEIDLIN of Broward County Florida.
By now you’ve seen (or worse yet, heard his annoying voice on the radio) the joker serving as ringmaster in his Florida courtroom refereeing the brawl between the dozen of lawyers representing “Mommy & Daddy Wanna-Bes”. Ugh!
Here are some quotes from The Miami Herald:

“Although Broward Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper** has urged release of the body so that it can be embalmed and be presentable for an open-casket viewing, Seidlin said he is in no hurry to do so.

’This body belongs to me now,'’ said Seidlin, who plans to hold as many hearings as it takes to determine who has the right to bury Smith. ‘For the moment, this body is staying right here.'’
He also shrugged off any concerns that Smith’s corpse may be decomposing.
‘That baby is in in a cold, cold storage room, it’s not decaying so fast,’ he said. ‘I’m not rushing — we’re gonna spend a lot of time together.’”
***Dr. Perper is that seemingly nice man with the oddly shaped & unexplained “Gumby” head!

With the will being contested because it gives fake-husband, HOWARD K STERN (And I Quote) “the broadest & most unrestricted powers over the estate”! is this legal genius Judge really the best person to be overseeing these matters? What the culture does NOT need is another show-boating JUDGE LANCE ITO for a new generation!

In another Circus Related Note…BRITNEY SPEARS in her FINAL FAREWELL DESTRUCTION TOUR 2007 has officially “lost it” After dropping by a Caribbean Rehab for a day & before embarking on a search for the perfect tattoo artist, Brit stopped by a TARZANA, CA hair salon! TheGayGardener does hereby bestow the GOLDEN SCISSORS AWARD for BRAVERY to the self-less hairstylist’s who REFUSED to shave Britney’s head! She allegedly grabbed the scissors And began the job herself resulting in her now tragic “Ode to Sinead O’Connor” look! I think that K-FED has a very good case for full custody!

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At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in a related story, Britney now insists on be called "Pickles". Pickles Spears. Put a fork in it, you're done girl.


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