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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ode To Virgie Arthur

Maybe it’s because I think I know her. Likely it’s because she reminds me of every woman I knew growing up. Tired, hard-working, washed out, dish-water blondes, grown familiar with disappointment. But Virgie moves me. The sight of her in The Bahamas struck a chord in me. Virgie, with her 2 piece, short sleeve, black ensemble (Skirt with elasticized waist, I’m sure)and sensible flat shoes, maniacally shoveling dirt on her dead daughter’s grave. Bitter, resentful, frustrated, Virgie, burying the best of her, before her time! Knowing that the only luck she ever had in life was having a daughter who won the genetic lottery & turned out to be as gorgeous as her beloved VICKIE LYNN; later ANNA NICOLE SMITH (is it a Southern thing to have Two First Names??) You know what? Maybe Virgie wasn’t Mother of The Year. Maybe once Anna Nicole became a household name she hit little Vickie Lynn up for some cash…who knows. But I’ll tell you something, NO MOTHER deserves to be BOOED at her daughter’s funeral, unless she’s
And this little Lady from Texas makes a very cogent argument when she says: “I had a daughter AND I had a grandson…and they’re BOTH DEAD!” “And Howard K. Stern was there when they both died!” So I really don’t think that Virgie is fighting for little motherless DANNIELYNN for the MARSHALL MILLIONS. I think she’d like to have a role in the little girl’s life, as any Grandmother would. And I hope DannieLynn’s father, LARRY BIRKHEAD, will give her one. TMZ is reporting that the BAHAMIAN Attorneys VIRGIE hired; are now suing her for non-payment of services! It seems that in the 4 weeks since she hired them to fail to bring her daughter home to TEXAS, she didn’t pay them any money! I “T.Y.W.” (I’ll tell you what, as they say in The South!) STIFF ‘EM VIRGIE… and go on home! That Birkhead kid seems like a nice guy…he’ll bring little DannieLynn by to see you!
God Bless you darlin’


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