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Friday, March 23, 2007

Gardens For The Gambia

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Gardening can be so rewarding…plants some seeds in some dirt & viola! beautiful flowers! Sometimes returning year after year! Celebrities & their personal foibles are so much fun to watch & comment on. But I’d like to introduce you to a remarkable woman who has managed to combine a celebrated literary reputation with gardening for the good of the planet! Her name is PHILLIPA GREGORY. She is the marvelous author of the best-sellingTHE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL and THE BOLEYN INHERITANCE. These novels are akin to witnessing the historic reign of HENRY VIII through eye-witness accounts. And what could be more timely what with the SHOWTIME Presentation of THE TUDORS starring that “lush-lipped” Irish dreamboat, JONATHON RHYS MEYERS???

Ms. Gregory has enjoyed all of the benefits of being a well known successful author of historic fiction, and what does she choose to do with that success??? Why give back, of course! Through her marvelous program called GARDENS FOR THE GAMBIA

From Ms. Gregory’s Website:

The charity was established in 1993 and has now dug 56 wells which are on stream and providing water to irrigate school gardens. In the school gardens the children learn the skills of sustainable agriculture. The vegetables they grow provide school dinner for the poorest children in school who would otherwise have nothing to eat all day, the surplus produce is sold and stationary and educational equipment is bought with the profit

How beautifully simple! The charity supplies the funds for the well, which irrigates the gardens, which results in the crops, Which feeds the poor, whose leftovers are sold for profit to benefit the same group!

So can we all resolve to support Ms. Gregory by buying and reading her novels, so that she in turn can take the profits & build more Gardens For The Gambia!?? Plus once you read one of her novels you will be hooked for life!


At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Monica said...

What lovely comments!
I'm sure Philippa will love your comments.
You are welcome to join Philippa's message board:

Monica (ka Cookie)


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