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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Venus Get Your Gun!

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What a bright, sparkling, bracing, February day this has been in Los Angeles! Too bad IT’S (almost) MAY!!!!!!!! At least there is this pale yellow ball high in the sky that I’ve heard some folks refer to as THE SUN!!

One thing that did brighten my day is the A.P.’s story of VENUS RAMEY, MISS AMERICA 1944. The former Miss Washington D.C. retired to her farm in Kansas where she fired a handgun this past week to prevent an intruder from stealing some farm equipment out of the barn. Ramey who uses a walker said that the burglar, when discovered volunteered to just leave. "I said, 'Oh, no you won't,' and I shot their tires so they couldn't leave. She had to balance on her walker as she pulled out a snub-nosed .38-caliber handgun. "I didn't even think twice. I just went and did it," she said. "If they'd even dared come close to me, they'd be 6 feet under by now."Ramey then flagged down a passing motorist, who called 911.
After winning the pageant (the first red head to do so) with her singing, dancing and comedic talents, Ramey sold war bonds and her picture was adorned on a B-17 that made missions over Germany in World War II, according to the Miss America Web site.
Ramey lived in Cincinnati for several years and was instrumental in helping rejuvenate Over-the-Rhine historic buildings. She returned to Kentucky in 1990 to live on her farm.
"I'm trying to live a quiet, peaceful life and stay out of trouble, and all it is, is one thing after another," she said.
Ramey was critical of later Miss America winners Vanessa Williams (1984) and Kate Shindle (1998), calling the former a "slut" for posing nude in a photo shoot, and blasting the latter for her support of condom distribution in schools. (In an open letter to Shindle, Ramey charged "there is a name for girls who hand out condoms, and it isn't Miss America.")[3] {wikipedia}

Miss Ramey is one hell of a broad! I’m thinking RUE MCCLANAHAN for the T.V. movie!

A sad note about another grand old dame; KITTY CARLISLE died this week at 96. Miss Carlisle was still performing her cabaret act last month to great notice. As the widow of theatre legend, Moss Hart she reigned as Broadway royalty for decades. But if you, like me, are on the dark side of 35, you will recall her from her days as a panelist on TO TELL THE TRUTH. Carlisle always dressed as if she was running to some chic cocktail party after the show, which of course she was.

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