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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Should Have Been A Sommelier

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I do love that word “sommelier” & I figure I drink so much of the damn stuff I should figure out a way to make money from it! One way I get more from my wine purchases is the box! No I do not drink wine from a box (& never have) I mean the actual crate that the wine is shipped in. Usually, especially in the case of imported wines, this is a handsome, wooden, crate that can be re-used for simple storage or just about anything you can think of. I love to use them as flower boxes or planters. You can take same sized vases of fresh cut flowers & arrange them in a box to make a “field” look. You can also your various pots & place them in a single box for a more dramatic effect. But I like to use them as actual planters. First I drill holes in the bottom for drainage. Then I line them with heavy duty plastic (very important for indoor use to prevent leakage) On top of this I layer some rocks or gravel to provide further drainage & root structure. Fill to the brim with soil & then whatever plants you wish to use. Start with a taller plant in the center & then work your way out toward the edges. You can fill in the empty places between plants with moss, stones, mulch or even sea shells. Or you can simply wait for the plants to grow & fill in the empty spaces themselves. Leave on your balcony, terrace, patio, or even driveway. You can also bring them into the house as is if you’re entertaining. You friends will be sure to copy this easy & stylish idea!

Another brilliant idea I heard of this past week is a florist called “Succulent” How may crappy floral “tributes” have you been the receipient of? The ones where you think you’d rather have had the cash?? Or worse yet…the really expensive ones that last what? A week?? That’s why I love this floral design firm started by actress, Samantha Mathis & designer RyannDavis. They only use locally grown, environmentally conscious & LONG LASTING succulents. The kind that even you could kill! Oh you probably could but it would take MONTHS! Call them!

"I love the Italians, they are so dramatic. They use the same tone for "We're out of Parmesan cheese!" as they do for "The building's on Fire!"
-From my travel journal "L.A. to Capri" Autumn 2005


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