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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some!

Yea! We’re Number 1!!! The American Lung Association just named LOS ANGELES first on its list of American Cities with the FILTHIEST AIR!! By every standard & measure L.A. has the most unhealthful air quality in the country. Some days it’s even downright toxic for those with breathing problems. Thank God they banned smoking in public or we’d might have a problem! (puff,puff) The good news is we had fewer dangerous days to breathe this year so our title is in jeopardy.
C’mon Chicago… you could take us…you know it!

In the loss column: TRADER VIC’S=CLOSED!!! It was announced today that the legendary TIKI restaurant’s last day would be today, April 30th. This place known for its mai-tais was cool before and after “cool” You may only know it from seeing the sign on The Golden Globes as it was a main-stay hot spot around awards season given it’s proximity to The Beverly Hilton. But the good news is they’re closing it to make way for Hotel Towers and CONDOS!!! Because you know…we NEED more condos. I just hope they do the new lobby in that dark faux paneling with the fake wood grain & lots & lots of votive candles & white leather furniture & breezy sheer curtains because that is so innovative & you never really see that look around L.A. I remember thinking when they closed CHASEN’s to put in a BRISTOL FARMS that at least we still had TRADER VIC’s but alas…. How did that JONI MITCHELL song go? “…they paved paradise & put up a parking lot”

And guess what? Guess where that freak PHIL SPECTOR went for a drink after murdering Lana Clarkson? Yep! Trader’s! Spector was shaking so badly in court today that I almost felt sorry for him I presume he has Parkinson’s disease it looked that bad. But tell me… is Phil Spector the first man accused of murder who decided to mount a defense as a “poor helpless WOMAN??” For Christ’s sake he looks like my Aunt Florence. (god rest her soul!) At least that long teased out afro looked a little rock & roll in an “Amadeus” kind of way but the short blonde Patty Pageboy??? Is he copping an insanity plea?

Have you ever noticed that those big HOME & GARDEN STORES all offer a money back guarantee on their plants & flowers? I was just reminded of this fact this past weekend. I had several trays of annual & one bougainvillea die on me 8 days after purchase! It is really difficult to kill a healthy bougainvillea in that short amount of time! Hell it’s hard to kill them period they are that hardy. But these big box companies don’t care…because they figure you will never return them in the first place, assuming it is somehow YOUR fault, or if you do show up to exchange them you will make additional purchases and they still win! To hell with that. I’m not RENTING plants! I’m sticking with smaller nurseries full of people I trust! And I’ll be naming names in future posts!


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