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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

After The Fire

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The flames that engulfed Griffith Park yesterday are still burning but the Los Angeles Fire Department expects the fire to be contained by tomorrow (Thursday) after a loss of over 800 acres. Many celebs live in the Los Feliz Hills section surrounding the park & one resident told of being cautioned to evacuate immediately by SCIENTOLOGIST & JENNY CRAIG GRAUDATE, KIRSTIE ALLEY!
While reading about the history of Griffith Park, I learned that the gentleman for whom the park is named was Los Angeles’s original O.J. Simpson. After purchasing the Los Feliz property, Colonel Griffith J Griffith was convicted of the attempted murder of his wife. In an effort to make amends & redeem his reputation, Griffith deeded the land to the county. Come to think of it, The Colonel showed a lot more class than O.J. All we got was the fictional (??) tome, “If I Did It.” A big park would have been nice!

PAGE SIX reports that Dina Lohan, mother of that adorable, LINDSAY LOHAN is desperate to replace ROSIE O’DONNELL on THE VIEW. Dina has long called herself “the white Oprah” apparently. View insiders say that Dina’s being hired is as likely as her actress daughter showing up on time to a set.

Lindsay’s GEORGIA RULE co-star, the legendary JANE FONDA, was on LETTERMAN last night. Did you see her? Gorgeous! But the big shock, for us & Dave, was Jane’s admittance, no, Declaration that she would be 70 yrs. old this December!

Speaking of Dave, I just saw his favorite funnyman, ANDY KINDLER, at the APPLE store at THE GROVE. I just stopped in to check my email…I have a p.c.

Here’s a sad gardening lesson I had to re-learn this Spring. Don’t try to cheat on soil! I know there are lots of very, very, inexpensive, large bags of top-soil out there. But if you’re doing container gardening or laying in new flower beds spend the extra buck or two on a quality soil. Soil is a living thing. If the one you’re using seems lifeless & dried out & doesn’t even seem like its from the earth (or is in fact earth!) skip it! I lost 2 newly planted, beautiful, containers due to tired, inferior soil!

"Vice President, DICK CHENEY, has begun his tour of The Mid-East.He's very popular over there. He's known as LAWRENCE of ARRHYTHMIA"


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