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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Paris In Chains!

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We are not going to take this lying down! (unless we can sell the video for Millions!) PARIS HILTON emerged from her post -sentencing seclusion today (Sunday) and railed against the injustice of her 45 day sentence. Calling it “cruel & unwarranted” & insisting that “she didn’t deserve this!” Miss Hilton did what any socialite would do in her position, she fired her PUBLICIST! Or rather he “resigned”. PR flak, ELLIOT MINTZ, fell on his sword & took responsibility for being misled by Paris’ attorneys & failing to explain to Ms Hilton that she could not drive while on probation for a D.U.I unless it was “Work related” ummm Does Paris actually work? Isn’t clubbing & shopping & getting her picture taken at night, her job? I am shocked she doesn’t have a “driver” at this point then this whole tragic miscarriage of justice could have been avoided. Paris darlin’, I think you just got an extension on your promised 15 minutes of fame…you’ll be grateful one day.

Have you seen the gorgeous artichokes available at the Farmer’s market & your local grocer? My God! They’re beautiful! No accident the first 3 letters in artichokes are A.R.T. They ain’t cheap, $2.00 or more per piece but they’ll last longer than cut flowers & you can eat them afterwards, unlike roses! Try this: Boil the artichokes & remove the “meat” from the leaves. Place in a food processor with extra virgin olive oil & sea salt. Pulse til you have a smooth puree. Use as a pasta sauce or on vegetables. Or score & grill some French bread & smear on sauce while still warm, cut into smaller pieces & serve as a tasty hors d’ovre.

O.k. THE TUDORS: tonight’s episode was a little “dreamy” or I should say nightmarish. The “sweating disease” is wreaking havoc with “Merry Olde England” But nothing much seemed to have happened. Queen Katherine remains in residence (and that MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY is a fabulous Katherine of Aragon…that bearing, that Spanish accent, all that dramatic black!) Anne Boleyn nearly dies of the “sweats” and knowing what we know now, I secretly hoped she would! It would save many lives! But I have to say that I find that Thomas Tallis person very creepy! I am sure he will play some sort of pivotal role. And the real Thomas Tallis, composer of religious music, enjoyed the favor of Henry VIII as well as his daughters Queens Mary & Elizabeth & died peacefully in his sleep…so I can’t imagine where they are going with the character. He has an affair with that cutey, William Compton (another victim off the sweats, tonight) so maybe they are using him to expose the historic “gay Royal circle” that surrounded Anne Boleyn (& that PHILLIPA GREGORYhas written so brilliantly about) and he will come to be the undoing of Anne’s brother, George Boleyn, who was beheaded with her on charges of “incest” as well as homosexuality. But God! Everyone else on this show is so HOT… couldn’t they have found someone less “nerdy” for the role? Though he is a fine actor, whatever his name is (he’s not listed on the official
Speaking of HOT… that damn Henry Cavill was on again tonight! And naked again!! LORD! Why Do you tempt me??? You GOTTA Watch it!


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