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Monday, May 07, 2007


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Jesus! I always say that Los Angeles is the Land of Extremes! So now its like 90 Degrees & windy. In fact I was stalking celebrities in RUNYON CANYON today (I did mention I saw RALPH FINNES there last week with an unidentified woman….possibly a trainer? Or perhaps that British Airways Stewardess he got friendly with a few months ago??) and I was caught in a veritable sand storm! I felt just like PETER O’TOOLE in Lawrence of Arabia without the homo-erotic tension of having an OMAR SHARIFF nearby!

And speaking of LOS ANGELES I still gotta hand it to the LOS ANGELES TIMES Sports Writer, Mike Penner who has undergone the transistion to becoming a woman. As someone who was raised on the compelling, yet freakish images of BRADY BUNCH DAD, ROBERT REED who was nominated for an EMMY as a tranny on CBS’s MEDICAL CENTER, not to mention JOHN DAVIDSON (God! Remember him!) as a tranny-cross-dresser on THE STREETS of SAN FRANCISCO…. I am amazed at the transformation of Mike Penner to Christine Daniels! I have to say Mike: You are GORGEOUS!!! You so made the right choice! You were an attractive if pale, blonde, bland, male, but as Christine you are H.O.T.!!

I know that you; like TheGayGardener, are so obsessed with the fate of PARIS HILTON! But it would seem that just firing her publicist was not enough…and “P-Mommy” is going to The Big House!
BUT before we feel to badly, FOX NEWS reminds us who little Miss Hilton REALLY is!

PARIS HILTON meanwhile, reportedly promised to give $250,000 to an Australian charity, Paradise Kids, and to organize a fundraising concert in support of seriously ill youngsters.
“It makes me feel good and it helps other people,” Hilton explained to the paparazzi at the time.
But that was over two years ago, and the Hilton heiress hasn’t been back in contact with the organization. According to the charity’s co-founder, Rev. Dr. Ian Mayor, Hilton was gone as son as the cameras were.
Mayor told Australia’s Courier Mail newspaper that because Hilton made a public vow to raise $250,000 for the charity, it has hurt their fundraising efforts. He claimed that no one thinks the charity needs money, since Hilton is supposedly helping them, and his efforts to contact the Boulevard blonde have been barren.
Then there's the issue of paying spokespeople. Last year, Hilton was said to have accepted $200,000 just to show up at an undisclosed charity event in Cannes.
“All I had to do was wave like the Queen of England,” the New York Post quoted her as saying.
Cook finds this sort of exchange tasteless.
“It’s completely inappropriate to pay spokespeople,” he said. “Of course we cover all their expenses, but we’re looking for celebs who want to make charity work a part of who they are without the need for financial incentives. But you’re always going to come across a special few who feel more entitled than others.”
Calls to Hilton's publicist were not returned

Uh Duh…she fired her publicist! If you want to get back at Paris & possibly help the now abandoned, “PARADISE KIDS” go to DEFAMER & order the DON’T FREE PARIS T-Shirt!!! Though I warn you it’s on back order!! don't free paris


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