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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"No Great Loss"

-LARRY FLYNT regarding the death of JERRY FALWELL

The Reverend Jerry Falwell dropped dead today at 73. The founder of The Moral Majority (which was neither moral nor a majority) certainly led a far more public life than could be expected of an ignorant jackass from a Virginia backwater. He helped to organize & mobilize Christian voters & get them to the polls. He merged faith & politics & helped elect RONALD REAGAN & GEORGE W. BUSH. You’ll see a lot of unnecessary coverage on his passing in the coming days as if he was some great statesman or religious icon. But make no mistake, this creep was no JOHN PAUL II. What he was, was a fat, ignorant, hateful, miss-informed bigot, who sought through the power of mass mailings & his rolodex, to make life miserable for woman, gays & educated people who don’t believe in “ADAM & EVE” but believe in evolution, tolerance & the spirit of the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

You may only know Uncle Jerry from the terrific MILOS FOREMAN movie: The People vs. Larry Flynt which portrayed Falwell’s unsuccessful attempt to thwart the First Amendment & punish Hustler publisher Larry Flynt for attempting to defame Falwell by printing a parody in Hustler accusing him of incest. This movie was filmed back when people thought COURTNEY LOVE could still act. This helped to keep this ignoramus in the news for longer than he deserved. And just when publicity was waning, Falwell uncovered “a vast left wing conspiracy” by announcing that one of THE TELETUBBIES (Tinky Winky) was GAY!

But the famous heart-warming quote that will serve as Falwell’s epitaph is this:

“AIDS in not only the punishment of a just God for Homosexuals…it is the punishment of a just God for a culture that TOLERATES homosexuals”

This quote is really the perfect storm of ignorance (& remember this guy founded a pseudo-university called Liberty) it displays an appalling lack of not only sensitivity, but knowledge, regarding: health, viruses, sexuality & theology. How else to explain the veritable fact that lesbians have little occurrence of AIDS, or worse, that the entire continent of Africa teeters on the brink of destruction (still !) because of AIDS transmissions between married heterosexuals. I fantasize that the first three angels Dr. Falwell meets on his way to (harsh) judgment in Heaven are: ELIZABETHGLASER (married mother with children who died of AIDS) ARTHUR ASHE (tennis legend infected by the disease during heart surgery) And RYAN WHITE (the young hemophiliac who got it from a blood transfusion)
And I hope ELIZABETH, ARTHUR & RYAN TRIP Falwell’s fat ass as he attempts to crash the pearly gates


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