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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Off & Runnin'

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Remember earlier this summer I told you about a mysterious vine I purchased in China Town that was taking over my house & I could not seem to kill? Well one way or another some plant is going to overtake me in my sleep, so be warned! Above you can see the latest would-be assassin. In June I turned over the soil in my front window box to put in some new annuals. I soon saw this new sprout that I know I did not plant. And 7 weeks later it has come to this!
I know it is some type of squash as I can see the blossoms (Squash Blossom Pizza, anyone?) But as I do not grow vegetables I have no idea how it came to be. One tentacle is right now, reaching for my front door handle, I swear to God. I am just going to let it keep growing to see what happens. The only drag is that I also have a poinsettia in the same box so it looks like I am sending out some contradictory Holiday Message.

Speaking of messages…tonight is a HUGE night in Los Angeles as Washington Comes to The Lavender Ghetto known as West Hollywood! Coinciding with the Presidential Forum on LGBT Issues sponsored by The HRC & LOGO (Hey! Give TheGayGardener a show damn it!) Following the discussion (it is NOT a debate as the candidates do not address each other) there are 2 Fundraising events. One is for Sen. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON to be held at THE ABBEY & The other is for Sen. BARAK OBAMA taking place at AREA (which if you’re over 30 like me, used to be called THE GATE)
The main difference in the fundraisers besides the candidates themselves is that Sen. Obama is charging $250 per person for non VIP tickets while Hillary is selling herself at $50 a pop! Clinton is really smart. At that price TheGays will still have enough money left over for a cocktail or two!

“She put the ASS in pASSive-aggressive” -TheGayGardener on some unknown subject
(Oh alright…his mother!)


At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

The cucurbit family can produce volunteers with the help of wildlife and/or rotting fruits. Have you or your neighbors had some type of pumpkin, gourd or squash outside for decoration and had wildlife eat it or had it rot? Seeds can overwinter in the soil and squirrels are notorious for burying their ill gotten gains that can germinate the next season.


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