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Friday, August 03, 2007

The GayGardener Supremacy

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Ok so I’ll go out on a limb here & predict that the new MATT DAMON vehicle, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM will be the Number 1 Picture for this weekend…duh! Just came from seeing it & it is the thrill ride of the summer, James Bond Meets The French Connection. I don’t usually like cartoons & this one strains credulity at almost every turn but it’s impossible to resist so just go along for the ride. Mattie D is perfect in this role & could likely ride it all the way to the Motion Picture Retirement Home in the Valley. And those mournful wails you here must be coming from the home of BEN AFFLECK who hasn’t had a hit picture since…well, since….ever?

2 Notes on the film:

JOAN ALLEN Is such a terrific actress so why does she only do the BOURNE Films now? IS no one offering her good parts? While watching her I thought: “Screw Hillary! Joan Allen for President!”

And that JULIA STILES??? I suppose she’s attractive in a straight girl kind of way & her stiff acting style makes this robotic spy role perfect for her. But did any other actresses read for this? There’s an almost laughable scene where JS is trying to disguise her identity by cutting her hair & dying it black (from some unfortunate initial hi/lo lights look)
And you know what? It didn’t change a thing! Any spy/assassin worth his salt could have picker her off at 50 paces. Well, God Bless her!

I found this old carpenter’s box at a yard sale, lined it & filled it with red impatiens…cute no?

Have a great weekend!!


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