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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Star Gazing

Eastside, Westside, Beverly Hills…I’m rushing all over town. In the heat & traffic shopping for the job I’m currently on. BTW Smith & Hawken is having an amazing clearance sale! I bought some beautiful foot tall stone jars with lids for $11.99 ea.
The amusing thing about driving in L.A. is that sooner or later you’ll likely see a celebrity because, hey, they have to drive too! (Well, not to work because then the studio sends a car)
Ran into:

Emilio “Bobby” Estevez leaving Guidi/Marcello the Santa Monica Italian food import store. Emilio (Charlie Sheen’s older brother for you kids out there) looks terrific! He’s 45 but looks like he did The Breakfast Club last summer.

Tony Danza sitting outside Frankie’s Restaurant on Melrose. Tony looked like he may have had a glass or two of vino, but who am I to judge?

Morgan Fairchild looking serene West on Wilshire Blvd. Heading in the direction of Saks and/or Neiman’s.

If I could have gathered the three together we could have had a Fantasy Island reunion!

As I was headed home I see huge plumes of dark smoke on Santa Monica Blvd. It looked bad. And sure enough the news tonight says that Mickey’s the famous gay bar in West Hollywood was destroyed by fire. Thankfully no one was injured. But there’ll be a big hole in Boys Town till they repair Mickey’s. Hmm-mmm.


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