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Monday, September 10, 2007

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

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A few months back this really beautiful girl moved into my neighborhood. Said she was an artist/model. Whenever I hear that I don’t ask follow up questions because, well… artist/model covers everything from Eileen Ford’s best to exotic dancer. Anyway this girl is gorgeous so I was only mildly surprised when I was passing through London Heathrow last week & saw my artist friend on the cover of the English tabloid The Mail On Sunday. Seems “Sarai” spent the spring consoling hottie, OLIVIER MARTINEZ after (before?) he separated from songbird, KYLIE MINOGUE and felt a strong emotional (read: financial) need to unburden herself to the Mail.
Sarai swears she didn’t “steal” Olivier from Kylie, whom it should be noted was getting chemotherapy for breast cancer at the time. The good news is that Sarai informs us that “what they say about the French is true!” Thank God! I thought it was all rumor. Remind me, what do they say about the French?

Went to a terrific fundraiser at The Beverly Hills Hotel last night benefiting FARM SANCTUARY. This is an animal right organization that strives to improve the living conditions of farm animals everywhere. One of the honorees is my new hero, LORETTA SWIT You will remember Loretta from the classic M*A*S*H TV show. But her work as an actress pales in comparison to her work as an animal activist. Loretta single-handedly persuaded the city of Chicago to ban the sale & import of foie gras. And if you ever seen this pate made you’d understand why. Ol’ “Hotlips Houlihan” made a strong argument about the link between violence against animals being linked to violence in society at large. Ms Swit proclaimed “I’d fight for YOU as hard as I’m fighting for this duck!” It was oddly emotional & I believe her!

Saw “Incredible Hunk” ERIC BANA at Runyon Canyon with a buddy last week. And yep…he’s pretty incredible.

While at LAX this morning I saw sexy crooner, JOHN LEGEND as well as AMY POHLER & hubby WILL ARNETT all headed to NYC

Did you see BRITNEY on the VMAs??? Oy! Let’s discuss


At 4:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Takes the Sarai interview with a huge dollop of salt mt friend..Mail is a sleaze bag rag that invents stories.It is os full of time line holes it is laughable.So basically it is a crock of tabloid invention made up and based upon various other snippets they pretend are gospel.

Also tohugh kylie will not admit to this the affiar was over before she got sick.Lovier gave it naother go because she got sick.. not ot be and it was over bar her offical announcement in October 2006.He was photographed walking down a road with Sarai in December go figure.Sarai was in a hotel not in his apartment.All lies to protect ms Minogue's precious reputation.


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