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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Margin of Error

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Apparently that Pinot Noir was stronger than I realized because I keep hearing all these tales that I missed from RUFUS WAINWRIGHT at The Hollywood Bowl on Sunday. Ted Casablanca at The Awful Truth on E! Online tells me that JAKE GYLENHAAL was with his BFF and lovin’ every minute of it! But separating the handsome duo was the unlikely beard of JAMIE LEIGH CURTIS who if I recall, is Jake’s Godmother! Perfect! Since The Bowl was filled with so many fairies on Sunday what was desperately needed was a Fairy Godmother & who better than Jamie Leigh!?

11 New Species of plants & animals have been discovered in Viet Nam. This is simply extraordinary! Three new varieties of orchids were among the treasures unearthed in an area called the Green Corridor. All the orchids are leafless & the beautiful one above is called “Phyllagathis Melastomtaceae” which means pretty pink star flower in Vietnamese (uhm I just made that up) But it is all very exciting!

And also exciting to hear the good news that there are NO Homosexuals in Iran! At least according to Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Appearing before a student audience at Columbia University (who had the good sense to laugh at this declaration)
“In Iran we don’t have this phenomenon.” (gays) “I don’t know who told you we have it.” Jeeze! Maybe it’s all the photos that have appeared on line of the hangings of young men who are sentenced to death for the crime of being “suspected” of being gay. But I’ll take you at your word, Mr. Ahmadinejad. There are no homosexuals in Iran. And that is why it such a God damned, hate-filled, loveless, colorless, drab, miserable, & HAIRY, piece-of-shit, barren country. Amen.

In a related matter, Retiring Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace refused to amend his earlier hateful remarks & reiterated his statements that homosexuality is “counter to God’s law”
Pace's lengthy answer on gays was prodded by (the HEROIC) Sen. Tom Harkin, who said he found Pace's previous remarks as "very hurtful" and "very demoralizing" to homosexuals serving in the military. Pace noted that the U.S. Military Code of Justice prohibits homosexual activity as well as adultery. Harkin said, "Well, then, maybe we should change that." Senator Harkin once ran for President years ago. I wish he would again.

Speaking of the Presidency…I’m just curious about something. All the mainstream media (msm) have basically anointed HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON as the Next Democratic Nominee for President. All the polls have her ahead of the pack. I live in Los Angeles. I have this blog. I’ve written a book & other pieces. I see private landscape clients (TheGayGardener By Appointment) I work as a consultant on the side. I have dozens of friends of both genders, from all walks of life. I go to a fairly liberal Catholic Church on Sundays. I know of NO ONE, Not one single person, who is supporting HILLARY. Gay/ Straight, male/female, celebrity/non. Nor have any of them been consulted by a polling company. Do you know of anyone? Were they contacted on the phone? Approached in a mall? What? Nothing against Sen. Clinton. My main beef with her is that I think this country needs a big change. And I don’t think that change begins with replacing the son of one President with the wife of another. Else we should have just stayed an English colony & forget all that Revolutionary stuff. At least The Royals are somewhat glamorous and oh! The jewelry!

"President Ahmadinejad claimed there were no homosexuals in Iran. That's why it's almost impossible to find a good dog groomer in Tehran!" DAVID LETTERMAN


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