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Monday, October 01, 2007

Severe Head Trauma

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Is that what happened to Britney Spears? I truly feel sorry for her. Especially now that she has lost custody of her kids today. And you’ll remember, that when I ran into her at Koi last month I had the overwhelming feeling that B.S. wasn’t drunk or on drugs, but was just mentally ill! Out of it…no affect. Disturbed.

And TMZ is reporting that mere minutes after the judge awarded custody of Brit’s kids to Kevin Federline, she drove to a CARLS JR. at 12:02 p.m. then handed the kids off to K-Fed’s bodyguard like she was returning a T-shirt at KITSON!!

Seriously, I just don’t know what kind of drugs explain this behavior. Word is she never even attended the parenting classes the Judge demanded of her. She’s not well. As A Socialite’s Life says:
“Holy shit! This is going to be her FRANCES FARMER moment on top of her FRANCES FARMER collection. For the uninitiated, Frances Farmer was a famous, beautiful & talented actress who literally lost her mind at the height of her fame. Her life was turned into a wonderful movie starring an OSCAR nominated, JESSICA LANGE.

“DESPERATE HOUSWIVES is the gayest thing on T.V. since GOMER PYLE!” – Ted Casablanca

My friend, Ted may be right, but to me it’s still a cartoon that’s not worth my time. Oooh Bree’s fake baby-bump is a pillow so no one on Wisteria Lane will know her daughter’s knocked up! Wow! And the addition of DANA DELANEY is pointless. She was boring on CHINA BEACH 30 years ago & she’s still boring. Yea, a gay couple is supposed to move in & “queen it up” but Y.A.W.N.

What is NOT boring in my opinion is ABC’s BROTHERS & SISTERSSALLY FIELD won the EMMY 2 weeks ago & deservedly so. And the show looks to finally break out into a big hit this season. The acting is really, really, fine. The squawking, squabbling, Walker Family is very, very, real. And if you can get past CALISTA FLOCKHEART’S over- plumped lips, & botched nose, you’ll witness some really great T.V.

And I also think that DANCING WITH THE STARS is like watching a mini-olympics every week. Damn! These folks work really hard. I worry that poor 65 year old WAYNE NEWTON is going to have a heart attack, every week. But his fellow senior, JANE SEYMOUR is flawless & looks 35! And just to remind you, I did predict that JOSIE MORAN would be the first one voted off.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to me in consolation for my having been the victim of, well, of a hate crime! As I explained last week, my hard earned votes awarded me as BEST GOSSIP BLOG for THE
BLOGGER’S CHOICE AWARDS were negated because some kind, Christian, soul thought it would be helpful to re-direct all those voting for me to some End-of-the-world BIBLE site. Where the gays are punished of course. I think I made myself an easy target because I am the only nominee that actually has the word “gay” in the title of their blog.

“if you want to get newly engaged PAMELA ANDERSON & RICK SOMETHING a wedding gift…they’re registered at THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL” – David Letterman


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