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Monday, October 22, 2007

"She Ran Calling Wildfire"

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CNN? Yea I watch it in hotel rooms when there’s nothing on but cable ads. Well apparently there’s some idiot blowhard on there named GLENN BECK. Heard of him? Nope! Me neither. California is burning. Hundreds of people have lost their homes & many more may do so in the coming hours. Here’s Beck’s take on the disaster:

"I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today."

Huh? What is this, God’s judgment? Firemen are risking their lives & thousands of acres of beautiful land are being destroyed & the explanation is the victims deserve it because they hate America?

No shortage of idiots is there? Which brings me to the Rev. Donnie McClurkin. Donnie is a Grammy Award winning artist. Big in the world of Gospel Music. Donnie is also one of those NO-MO-HOMOs

You know the ones who are “cured” of being gay by God Almighty?
Yep! They just “pray the gay away” as Rosie O’Donnell says.
Guess who Donnie is opening up for? (ooh that was awkward) No! I meant opening as in “Act” None other than BARACK OBAMA! The Senator is going to have some tent revival Come To Jesus Meeting in South Carolina trying to woo Black Evangelicals. Memo to Senator Obama: These folks are not going to vote for you anyway & you are seriously putting at risk the LGBT Votes that could easily be yours.
Better re-think this one Senator! "Can I get an AMEN Somebody?"

TRAVEL & LEISURE MAGAZINE has named PHILADELPHIA as the Number One city of least attractive people. Miami had the most attractive out of 25 Cities. Philly also ranked in the top ten for fattest, least cultured & least friendly. Yikes! That’s some trifecta. TheGayGardener hails from Philly (or Filluffia as we say) And one of the most beautiful people who ever lived also came from The City of Brotherly Love. Her name was GRACE KELLY and she went on to Oscar Winning Stardom & to reign over a nation! I’d say there’s something in that famous Philly Water!

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