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Sunday, November 04, 2007


It’s on!! The WGA has decided to strike… mark my words this is going to suck!

A few things that did not suck this weekend were:

AN AMERICAN GANGSTER. This RIDLEY SCOTT epic is definitely worth seeing. At 2 hours & 40 minutes it lasted longer than my first marriage… but I was never bored, particularly whenever the amazingly powerful DENZEL WASHINGTON was on screen. You cannot look away. He will be nominated again for an Oscar. And that RUSSELL CROWE? Ehh. Yea I know he has the Oscar, & God Knows he tries…you can always see him working. But that’s the problem. Acting with a capital A. And playing this Jewish New Jersey cop, he has never been more unattractive. Was he ever? Is he marvelously interesting & talented & I’m not getting it? Do we give extra credit to the OZZIES who can play an American accent & not “slip” Kudos though to MISS RUBY DEE who has taken a break from those NEW YORK LIFE (& many other) commercials to turn in a likely-Oscar-nominated performance. Mrs. Osssie Davis is the only one who can hold the screen when Denzel is in the shot.

NIP/TUCK is the best show on T.V. Yea I know I give that designation to other shows but this time I mean it. I finally got around to watching the season premiere. Thank God that they’ve moved the good Doctors to Los Angeles! I mean the show is about Plastic Surgeons…where the hell else should it take place? As the Drs. McNamara & Troy asked in the opener, “ Is there anyone in this town who hasn’t had plastic surgery?” And the answer is no. OLIVER PLATT is absofuckinglutely hysterical as a T.V. show producer. The scene with him in the golfcart driving the Doctors around the lot was laugh out loud funny. And my friend JENNIFER COOLIDGE’s turn as a “serious” actress looking for the truth of a woman who has her labia transplanted to her lips after an accident is classic! I cannot wait for the next episode!!

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