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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gay Christmas

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That’s what some people call Halloween. Makeup, wigs, costumes, Yea, o.k. I get it. Also the largest Halloween Party in the world takes place on Santa Monica Blvd. in the gay mecca of West Hollywood.

What I do NOT get is this video of MARTHA STEWART’s Halloween Show. O.K. Rosie is Queen Elizabeth I. But Martha looks like a banquet table from a bar mitzvah caught in a cyclone! Note the leaves in her hair! Scary!!


That’s my neighbor’s house above. It’s incredible how much money people are spending on Halloween these days. Soon it will pass Christmas in terms of monies spent on decorating!

I HATE DANCING WITH THE STARS! First they unjustly sacrifice the adorable ALBERT REED to keep WAYNE NEWTON for one more week! Then last night SABRINA (The Cheetah Girl) was sent packing! This girl was a flawless dancer!! She would have likely won the whole damn thing! You cannot trust the American people with voting! Isn’t that how we got GEORGE W BUSH in the first place?

A big WRITER’s STRIKE is looming! We’ll know more tomorrow, I think. I hope this can be avoided. The last Actor’s strike took decades to get over. The big stars can afford to sit out a strike. But the working folks are the ones who will play the price. Not just the writer’s but all the people who rely on the movie business. Waiters, valet parkers, makeup artists, truck drivers. This will suck!

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