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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"If Ever I Would Leave You"

If you've never heard ROBERT GOULET sing the above song from CAMELOT I highly recommend it. The pure richness of his baritone voice, which was silenced by death today, will leave you very moved....not to mention the beauty of the LERNER & LOWE Lyrics! Camleot it may as well have been a million years ago! Sad!

Just as sad are TheGayGardener clients who insist they want ROSES!!! You want roses move to England!! California is a DESERT People!! The only thing native to this part of the country are cacti & orange trees! Plus a pointsettia or three! Seriously though we're about three months away from mandatory water rationing in the West. The Southern Counties have already begun it. And roses need lots of regular watering! How about succulents that LOOK like roses? What do you say everyone??

Can BRITNEY SPEARS PLEASE hire a DRIVER or take a cab for Chirst's sake?
She was pulled over again today!! Where is this child always driving badly to?
STARBUCKS? Can't they DELIVER to her??? Please!!! And considering today was one of those traffic days that make you re-think why you live in Southern California, one less Britney on the road would have been a blessing

Happy Halloween Everybody!! And I'll repeat my favorite joke:

Why can't WITCHES have babies?
Because their husbands have HALLOW WEINIES!!



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