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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Author! Author!

That’s what they used to shout at the end of an acclaimed theatrical piece. Because as any actor will tell you if it’s not on “the page” it can’t happen. Some scripts are so good that the actors can show up, hit their marks, say the lines exactly as written, & walk off with prizes.
Most scripts need an actor’s input however. But what is indisputable is that if there is no script there are no roles, there will be no actors & the show will not go on!! This is why the studios & producers MUST settle with the Writers Guild.

It’s a Small World After All! Except it isn’t….Word from Disneyland is that the It’s A Small World Ride is closed for repairs! Those repairs would be the enlarging of the boats that carry you through the ride.
Yes! America has grown so fat that they cannot fit in the boats of the most popular attraction at our most popular theme park!

I am so sorry for KANYE WEST. His beloved mother, DONDA, was much too young to die! I have known a plastic surgeon (or three!)
And to a man, they have all counseled against “too much at the same time” Dr. West had a breast reduction, tummy tuck & lipo in a single day! All these procedures required more than 8 hours “under” anesthesia! And therein lies the problem! After 5 hours of “twilight” the odds of complications increase exponentially. Other famous women have also gone to graves too early under similar circumstances. JAMES BROWN’S wife,ADRIENNE, as well as author of THE FIRST WIVES’ CLUB, OLIVIA GOLDSMITH, suffered similar fates as Dr. West. If you’re fighting “the spread” ladies….spread out the corrections! It’s not worth it to those you leave behind! Dr. West was only 58! Obscene!!!


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