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Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Say No

ELIZABETH TAYLOR Did it EIGHT times!! ZSA ZSA GABOR NINE Times! MICKEY ROONEY 8! CHER did it for 9 DAYS & BRITNEY SPEARS for less than 2 Days!! And it ain’t just celebrities! HENRY XVIII did it SIX times and we all know how those ended. BUT I CAN’T DO IT ONCE?????? Really???

Of course I am talking about MARRIAGE. And as the campaign for equality has heated up state by state, so has the campaign for hate. So soon after the California Supreme Court found it unconstitutional to deny the right to marry based on gender; the frightened haters pulled together & put PROPOSITION 8 on the Ballot which defines marriage as only between a man & a woman.

Quite honestly I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. That I would be “allowed” to legally get married to my partner. But as soon as San Francisco, and Massachusettes, then the state of California & now Connecticut, revisited laws that discriminated against a person’s basic right to marry whom they please; I thought Hell Yes! Why not?? Am I less a person than anyone else? Less a citizen? Less entitled to the liberties & rights of any other American. My responsibilities are no less. I pay taxes, I observe the laws, I vote, I clean up after my dog, I volunteer in my community.

Don’t be fooled by the (yes, very effective) advertising on behalf of the haters. These ads are being paid for in large part by out of state bigots, namely the MORMON CHURCH. (77%) Which, given their historical respect for the sanctity of marriage (BIG LOVE, anyone?) is a fucking joke. Also please note: The Proposition is deceptively worded: If you support something you tend to vote YES! However; if you support everyone’s right to marry & do not wish to write discrimination into law, in this case vote NO!

The heroic Mayor of San Francisco, GAVIN NEWSOME, who really started this whole ball rolling. is now being used as a tool for the haters. If you live in California you have certainly seen the commercials featuring the Mayor at a Marriage “Rally” saying: “It’s gonna happen (Gay Marriage) weather you LIKE IT OR NOT!” It is made to sound like a threat! But oh, it’s a Promise!!! It IS Gonna happen, maybe not on November 4th. Maybe the haters will prevail & somehow take a perverse joy in the fact that they will have “annulled” the hundreds of marriages that have already taken place. I pity them. History will judge them as harshly as any ignorant, bigoted, pathetic group; that ever hailed from Little Rock, or Philadelphia, or Selma.

First Link is a list of those on the ”Dishonor Roll” the major contributors to the Yes on Hate Proposition. Next is the home of the No! On 8 where you can read more & contribute. Last is a beautiful & brief video regarding this matter called, “Permission” Watch it!

SAY NO TO HATE!!!!! VOTE NO ON 8!!!!!!!!!

Dishonor Roll

No On 8


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