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Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Guy A Girl & A Pizza Place

Even TheGayGardener takes a break now & then & goes out to dinner; though never again to THE BELMONT (as you all well remember AND you can add THE BOWERY to that list but that’s a whole other blog) One of my favorite places though, is TERRONI on Beverly Blvd. One= Because it is a really cool place with a great vibe. Two= Because they serve delicious & authentic pasta & pizzas so much so that they won’t slice the pizza so don’t even embarrass yourself by asking. Three= It’s two blocks from my house so I can drink all of the Brunello Di Montelcino they can serve me!!

So I’m at TERRONI the other evening & I am waiting outside for my guest to arrive. I notice a really cute guy in a rugby shirt, smoking & talking animatedly with an exceedingly thin, waifish, blonde girl. Guy notices me “checking him out" & hides behind said blonde. No matter. I then hear them talking excitedly, perhaps arguing. They settle the argument & end up in a loving embrace. They celebrate the “truce” with another round of cigarettes. I then hear the girl addressing the guy & realize her accent is British. I suddenly realize that the couple is BALTHAZAR GETTY (as in VILLA!!) & legendary homewrecker; SIENNA MILLER! You’ll recall that Balthy just left his wife & four kids; (one of whom was just ten months old), for the distracting charms of Ms. Miller. Getty is one of the stars of a TV Show that I adore, BROTHERS & SISTERS. He is much shorter & lighter & grayer in person, I can tell you. Ms. Miller’s charms & resume still escape me!

I feel so bad about HEATHER LOCKLEAR. I think she is really troubled. As you all know by know she was arrested in Montecito for driving under the influence of prescription drugs a mere three months after getting out of Rehab. Here’s my theory: Like BRITNEY SPEARS, Heather is still in love with her former husband, BONJOVI’s RICHIE SAMBORA. And just because they cheat on you or whatever doesn’t mean you can or should leave them & expect to live happily ever after…I’m just saying. But I LOVE HEATHER! She was the femme fatale for my generation & I even watched her dreadful last series, LAX. Her character, HARLEY RANDOM (I shit you not!) once had a line that was so awful yet oddly truthful, that I wrote it down: “ Life sucks for everyone sometimes. That’s why we have jets & fast cars & alcohol & drugs, to help you get over the rough spots!”

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