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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Blessed Mother of God! That’s what my Grandmother used to say when she was really upset. I’m not really upset. I’m stumped, I’m mystified & I am just smart enough to think that this cynical ploy on behalf of JOHN McCAIN could work.

The nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President on the Republican ticket has been the obsession of the main stream media & blogosphere for more than 5 days now. And I just don’t know what the hell to think. I do know this:

She is damned attractive.
I don’t give a crap that her unmarried daughter is knocked up (Christ my own mother was knocked up with me when my parents got married!)
She seems like a nice lady.
The daughter’s baby daddy is also hot (as seen on his MySpace page)
The whole family is hot.
The fact that she gave birth to a down’s syndrome baby 5 months ago only WINS her votes, not COSTS them

Her Unorthodox religious views (creationism, Iraq is part of “God’s plan”, home schooling) endears her to the Christian Right; which has won more White House victories for the Republicans than it has lost.

The Democrats have got to tread very carefully and not seem to be “piling on” her

But is it just me or does this whole thing reek of some B Movie “chick flick” by DISNEY where the role of SARAH PALIN is played by SANDRA BULLOCK??? You know, pretty former Beauty Pagent Contestant( Sarah WON the Miss Congeniality Award while SANDRA only starred in the film!) marries her High School sweetheart, has a bunch of kids in some frigid outpost somewhere, and based on her “MOOSE BURGER RECIPE” is elected Governor of a small state & by some incredible fluke finds herself headlining a National ticket?? Except of course in the movie, the role of the Presidential candidate would be played by KEVIN COSTNER not 105 yr old John McCain, just to keep up the sexual tension element of the story!

The scary thing is that THIS AIN’T THE MOVIES!!! And since John McCain would be (if elected) the OLDEST President in the history of the Republic; this chick could be running the whole damn country in 3 years time!!

Speaking of the movies, I saw a wonderful film over the weekend; FROZEN RIVER. It’s bleak, and cold, and raw but very powerful. And features an amazing performance by an actress named MELISSA LEO. Leo was one of the stars of the late, lamented, t.v. series; HOMOCIDE; which I have to admit, I never watched. But I did see her on an episode of LAW & ORDER a few months back where her performance was so riveting, I had to “google” her to find out who she was. Then when I saw her name attached to this film, I KNEW I had to see it! Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I should say I only saw three quarters of the film. I went to see it at the new LANDMARK THEATRES at The Westside Pavillion on Sunday night & wouldn’t you know it, BOMB SCARE!! Or something like that because we were all forced to EVACUATE the theatre & in fact the whole mall! So I have not seen the whole film yet! But what I did see was enough to recommend this movie & to applaud this amazing actress! Yea, I’m going back!


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